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4 the Earth, and Teeth, pt 2

I've decided this should be renamed... Earth, Wind & Teeth

This is the follow up post for my 10/15/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. Due to technical issues it got delayed and broken into two parts. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I'll restart shortly, mimicking the beginning of part 1. At first I wanted to rewrite asap, while the impressions to go with my shorthand were fresh, but I was too attached to the full work product of my prose. After dinner and a movie there's more space to expand and write freely, rather than clinging to my prior adjective choices and specific wording that rang in faint resonance in the back of my mind.

So – 4 the Earth & Teeth, pt 2, or newly retitled – Earth, Wind & Teeth:

For today’s Group Distance Reiki I joined with fellow Reiki Master, my own teacher and mentor, Maureen Rivelle. We created a wonderful space in the forest behind her house to share Reiki for this group, the collective, and the whole world.

We set the altar, lit some incense, and started with a card pull from Greg Scott's "Journey to Kanaka Makna: Rediscovering the Light of Island Wisdom" deck. Maureen fanned the cards and I chose one. We received: MAKANI WIND: NIAU AKU NEI MA KAMAKANI. Swiftly Sailing away on the wind.

As I connected I saw a rainbow bridge of light joining me to all participants from above, then also felt a connection below. A vibration of sonar pulses connecting to and through the Earth. (This was imagery shared with me at a recent Reiki Share that resonated naturally, perfectly for this connection, so much so that I put my hand to the ground to feel and increase the vibration.)

Inviting in Reiki it poured through the Crown and burst out in sideways energetic explosions at each descending chakra. It first looked and felt like a fireworks display at the Space Needle, which (for those not familiar) often shoots out a series of ascending or descending blasts in succession over many levels of the central column. After touching each chakra this became more focused and refined into the spinal skeleton, one-by-one bursting energy from each vertebrae in turn. With this visual my right big toe began buzzing, then I felt tension in the bottom of my right thigh.

Next was the image of holding hands. Holding your own hand. Both nestled together; an embrace of poise and confidence, snuggled by a cozy muffler.

The number 4 came to mind. 4,4,4,4. 4x4. Once given attention it showed up all throughout the rest of the session.

Thinking of the wind from our card I noticed the powerful effects that swayed even the widest tree trunks, coupled with the gentlest breeze that brought a continuous trickle of falling pine needles. It seemed to say, “Let Go” and “Sway”.

Wanting to attend to each chakra, I was drawn to start at the Soul Star chakra – the 8th chakra that is outside the physical body, above the Crown. I held here feeling an embrace of Reiki at this point and fully surrounding the aura. Once balanced I followed the flow surrounding the aura down to the Earth Star chakra, which is below the physical body.

At first the Earth Star felt slow, and I wondered at it, thinking it was a stagnancy. With time I realized it was flowing at the slow pace of the Earth, urging us to balance by slowing down. I held the space and watched the pace, and with time began flowing with it, feeling the energy roll like a ball of dough. After this motion balanced I began to knead the energy to fully incorporate the balance into the physical system.

I spent time moving up through the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus – each feeling like a seeding and fruiting body of various imagery today – until they were glowing and flowing. At the Heart a cluster of mini green balls like kiwi berries came together. If you’ve never seen a kiwi berry it’s a grape-sized, and green-grape-colored mini kiwi! There was a sense of several parts blossoming from the heart as some clearing of heaviness and grief took place at the back of the lungs.

Next I moved up to the Throat which diverted from seeds and fruit into a periwinkle flower, but it was losing it’s petals. This led me to look deeper and stay here for some time, sending Reiki to repair what might be lost or withering. I started to move up to the 3rd Eye and was hit with an intense pain in the lower two front, middle teeth, slightly more so on the right side. I felt a twinge here during the Earth Star focus earlier, which quickly receded, but it was back in force for more attention now.

I held my jaw and mouth, and doing so saw the fuzzy amber tan fur-covered muzzle of a young lion, or bear, or perhaps a Chow Chow. Just the mouth, nose and surrounding stout muzzle. This drew me to hold pressure points around the lips – the Governing Vessel which ends above the top lip and runs over the head and down the spine, and the Conception Vessel which starts below the lower lip and runs down to the low pelvis.

I held both acupressure points, then moved into tapping both, in series of 4’s. Since the roots of the aching teeth were right under the Conception Vessel point I began tapping just there with my right hand, while holding my left hand at the Heart-center.

This reduced the sensations so I went to move onto the 3rd Eye, but doing so quickly brought the tooth pain back. I felt a card draw would serve well to help clearing this area.

I started shuffling Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” on my knee, which proved difficult, so I shifted to sifting through them in chunks mid-air. I asked for the perfect card to fly out when ready, and moments later two popped out, face-up, side by side, both reversed.

We received #34 DOOR TO PERSONAL HEALING AND HAPPINESS, followed by #10 STORM WARNING (which happen to add up to 44… full card descriptions and images below). I scanned the card details holding the teeth, then after a minute started to move up to the 3rd Eye… yet once again the teeth called me back. I looked closer at the card details, really feeling #34 was for this clearing, while #10 was for general guidance. Rereading, what stood out was the idea “I have the power of creation”. It seemed that perhaps either speaking what we’re building, even to ourselves, has been restrained. Or that nourishment toward creation has halted. We may be biting through emotions without really chewing and working through them, quickly moving to digest, and expecting to create, when extra processing is critical.

After this the hour was closing, but I did a quick clearing at the 3rd Eye (which asked for citrus essential oil) and the Crown (which was open and flowing happily with the energies of the Soul Star connection earlier).

I appreciate you all for staying with me through the long-and-short of these session notes, and I hope these Reiki energies and messages assist you for your highest good in all things.

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Today's Cards

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


New Beginnings in Your Personal Life


You may be feeling stuck where your personal intentions are concerned. Self-mastery and discipline may be hard to achieve right now, or specific plans for personal change may be being blocked.

Remember that your intentions need to be clear and unconflicted. Whatever you’re working on, you need to know that you are capable of achieving it – and that you deserve it. Put your heart into the plans and changes you desire and realize that you are worth your own time and effort. The new beginning you seek will come with your own focus and patient determination.

AFFIRMATION: I am strong, focused, and self-directed. I have the power to create wonderful new realities in my life.


Clouds on the Horizon


This card reversed indicates that the dark times are behind you – or at least beginning to fall away. You can take heart that sunny skies and better times are on the horizon. This new light may bring a time of reassessment and redirection for you. Let yourself consider where you want to go next. Also spend some time reflecting on the difficulty that has passed. What was the lesson for you? Whether it’s about self-love or empowerment, remember to bring these intentions (and the lessons learned) into your bright new path.

AFFIRMATION: I have the power to overcome any obstacle. No matter what is going on, I can be strong, confident, and self-directed.

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