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A Joint Endeavor of Clearing

This post is for my 09/30/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Cardamom essential oil to diffuse.

Copaiba essential oil (closed) but included for inflammation.

Another call toward reducing inflammation as I chose a sound healing track.

A blossoming of red. An explosive celebration of it!

With my own recent acute injury of my right shoulder, when a participant asked for extra support toward their left shoulder I felt encouraged to invite in this area as a conduit of guidance of the whole group today.

So, shoulders: representing what we’re holding up in the world; our burdens; a physical place to show strength (or weakness/faltering).

Thinking about the Copaiba I set an intention of the essence of the oil to be applied topically for the shoulders. Going in, the shoulder sensations felt connected to the (right) upper jaw, deep inside, and at the level of the ear.

(*Most often my own body sensations drop away when I go into a Reiki session for another. In this case I invited my own current situation to be a vessel for understanding, so I’m not sure whether the body sides will be accurate in today’s interpretations. As above, unless I’m strongly called to a specific side, I will keep those directionalities in parentheses.)

As the (right) shoulder continued processing, there was a concurrent calling to the (left) groin. I made the above note because this specifically spoke to the cross-overs on the body. I was holding my opposite hand for my shoulder, which brought my right hand to the left pelvis. The cross-body flow of energy seemed more important than the actual position of the groin/pelvis/hip feedback.

These both spoke as critical joints in our moves to action – both ball-and-socket, with an incredible wide range of potential. Think of momentum; shifting at the spur-of-the-moment; reacting.

What does “reaching behind you” mean? “Pivoting”? “Reaching above & beyond”?

Is there excessive strain related to these ideas – especially metaphorically – right now?

While still holding in light tension, these joints both relaxed considerably, so I moved into a wider sharing of Reiki with the whole aura.

A couple waves of energy came into the mid, and mid-to-low back, then a pressure settled on the upper back – holding right around the spine – perhaps directly for the back vortex of the Heart chakra. A symbol came in to get some steady movement here, slowly beginning to rotate (reminding me of those metal cutout, twirling optical illusion yard decorations). It built up to a very impressive, near-imperceptible spin.

This then tied into the back of the (right) shoulder, sucking from the entire blade, into a vacuum. A warmth grew from the spine, encompassing the entire shoulder blade, upper arm, and into the (right) elbow.

A heaviness and grief seemed buffeted by this warming bubble… which needed some time to dissipate.

I started a Theta wave sound healing track for the Heart, and stayed in presence with these sensations, the Heart chakra, and the whole body. It became quite a bit heavier… spreading out… really pressing into the back of both lungs.


I thought of Copaiba.

I took a large Cardamom inhale.

Shifted toward a big sip of water, while feeling a calling to the metal element as well.

The nudge to clearing seemed to be coming from the Root chakra, so I added that intention and heard, “What do you Need? What do you Need? What do you Need?” Without even shuffling I blindly drew a card from my deck and placed it in front of me (eyes still closed). The energy of the card was potent enough that I didn’t need to add that directed intention.

I called for assistance from Angels and three appeared (two on one side, one on the other) to remove a light, fine mesh material from the back of the neck, draping across the shoulders, and down alone the back. It was so delicate, and yet spoke of regret, and was quite repressing. The tight mesh felt to be a net, holding something that was attempting to be released. While sensation continued throughout the upper body I also began thinking once again of clearing at Root, as well as with the feet. With much time a wave of lightness rose up. It held for a bit at the Throat, jaw, and temples (3rd Eye). As it stayed I leaned toward my diffuser for a few more deep breaths of Cardamom, and it cleared up out of the Crown.

With a closing sweep of the aura I finally reopened my eyes to discover our card, and to my surprise I somehow drew it face-down, so it still remained shrouded in surprise. Now ready for reveal, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, we received: #31 DOOR TO VALUE, upright. The image reminded me that within the session there was an early association that clearing was for abundance. Yet, while the picture shows flying currencies (image and full description below), this seemed so much more about personal value and self-respect. The hesitancy and regret at the shoulders and hips might be tied to trouble saying “no”: Familial and society pushes into obligations you’re ready to let go of. Take this time to focus on self-value and understanding that taking care of yourself is the only way to fully move into honoring others.

(as I was adding the card to the altar I was also reminded of the opening feeling of an explosive celebration in a blossoming of red.) I wish you all the best!!

Donations lovingly accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.

Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


New Beginnings in Finance or Career

Upright This card shows a door with a gold coin on it, opening to a place that’s filled with light and bright potential. Money, coins, and jewels lfy toward you through the open door, revealing a golden city beyond. All of this points to the potential for exciting new beginnings or expansions where work or money are concerned. Perhaps a new opportunity is totally unexpected, or perhaps it’s something you’ve been working toward for quite a while. Either way, keep your eyes open for this new beginning to appear in your life. Know that anything you value may be open to you now. Remain conscious and creative, and get ready to step through the door.

AFFIRMATION: My life is opening to endless possibilities of prosperity. The river of abundance flows freely through my door, bringing me unlimited wealth.

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