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A Moment

I've been spending much time on introspection the last couple months.

For today I'd like to simply share a poem:

A Moment

Think, if you will, for a moment

"What can I offer today?"

A singular inkling allowing

a place of reflection and planning

a slowing to bring you within.

Feel, if you will, for a moment

the messages of your body, right now

Take in sensations on each, every level

Just noticing nerve, muscle, fiber, organ....

Thanking you for the pause and focus.

Breathe, if you will, for a moment

feeling pace, feeling peace, feeling place.

Test the quality, speed, temp of air

that's so often unseen and misplaced.

Be, if you will, for a moment

letting all action drop, drop away.

Taking the depth of this moment-

With a peace no one can alter or dissuade.

As you join all these parts of a moment

you find the moment expands, ever now.

Each moment an opportunity for freshness,

changing, growing, evolving, accepting...

The power of the moment, a bud or a blossom

as your presence toward intention, also found.

A Moment... becomes a Movement... becomes a Life.

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