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A Sol-ar Solar Plexus

This post is for my 06/25/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

The first thoughts and sensations connecting today were of rolling: Rolling away, rolling off track, rolling distractions.

Then excessive heat at the Solar Plexus, likely related to the Summer Solstice - many of us have been experiencing extra hot, long days in the Northern Hemisphere. I left a stone at the Solar Plexus for the full session.

Next came strong polarity in the brain. An energetic pull back-and-forth like a giant rubber band. Shifting drive & direction. Some time here with Reiki led to a call of attention by the Root. A hollowness deep inside, shakiness and instability. It spread to a fight of wiggling leg support flopping back-and-forth much like the sense of polarized function in the brain.

As I spread my attention between the head and the hips I noticed it was more of the four distinct points calling out (left and right at both) and creating a crisscross connection that morphed into an infinity symbol. I followed a path balancing the energies of these four points which settled the cross-dispute and pulling flip-flop sensations.

Widening my awareness while still following this path, I noticed the crossover was occurring at the Solar Plexus. I brought my attention back to the stone there. Felt a strong drive of potent masculine solar energies, coupled with Capricorn’s ambitious full moon, might be bringing feelings of tipping off the tracks. A ride going fast and tilted at an extreme angle.

Widening still to step away from discomfort and fear in this momentum, it became an energetic pulse. It sizzled into many connections occurring simultaneously, rather than one overwhelming and disorienting zip line journey. This grew and became multi-dimensional around the body, and began to extend and spread even more to make connections beyond our space and time; expansive healing.

A lot of Heart attention then came into the Solar Plexus, tending it like clay in the potter's wheel. There may take some time for adjustments here but the energy is moving, it’s fluid and malleable but still being fully formed. The Throat showed up like a black hole on the sideline while this was happening, but innocently so. Perhaps to say this Heart work at the Solar Plexus is less about speaking and listening, and more of an inward and felt self-care.

The Solar Plexus had been throbbing all throughout, but now came a tightness in the back of it, along with throbbing at the Sacral womb-space. I held Reiki at these locations. My left hand moved up to my forehead and Third Eye, so I connected awareness from there to the Sacral, once again crisscrossing at the Solar Plexus. After these areas released I condensed this pathway slightly more so, and shifted, with a cross at the Heart connecting the Solar Plexus and Throat (re-circling back to these three chakras in a different flowing connection than with the potter's wheel support and message).

A downward clearing sweep of many strokes, from above the Crown through the whole aura finished things off.

I drew today's card at the beginning of the session, as I was completing the altar. From Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck the card we received for collective guidance was #14 CARING CONNECTIONS (full card description below). In light of today's energies and session experience, I wonder if for some of us this relates to the Solar Plexus and a deepening caring connection with ourselves. There was so much energy in this center and space of self-love today that my personal interpretation of the card is definitely different than at the start of the session. -In Peace.

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Friendship, Partnership of Two, Possible Love


This card shows a couple in a tender embrace, with the woman holding the blossom of new love. Like the Community card, this reveals a caring connection - but usually between two people only. This card upright signals the beginning or deepening of a kindred-spirit friendship or even the appearance of new love. It can also signify a formal business partnership.

When his card appears, be on the lookout for new connections presenting themselves. The relationships you already share may become more intimate, purposeful, or present at this time. Notice the opportunities to forge new or deeper bonds. There may be a tender karmic connection at hand!

AFFIRMATION: I open my heart and life to truly caring connections. The ideal friend and partner is coming to me now.

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