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A Time to Act

This post is for my 03/03/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Starting out I was feeling an energy of christening, blessing. A call to noticing. What in your life would you like to show honor, reverence, or elevate? It may be one or many things. It may be within your being or body as well.

The following guidance was: Paint Yourself in Love.

Today’s session was felt mostly through awareness and sensations around action. There were a few bits of physical direction throughout, but theses were few and far between. Early on I found my left calf muscle contracting and holding (though not quite to discomfort). It came through also as a reminder to release tension. The small buildups that happen often unperceptively. After this a need to sneeze to clear some energy. Like a body reset.

There was a hint toward soothing that came from stroking or petting action. Giving or receiving? Both can comfort.

The encouragement to invite some whimsy and see how it transforms your day

Then: Stuck. Imagery of a rotation clicking like a Rubik’s cube; shifting back and forth between two mismatched positions. With Reiki the jolting smoothed, but the flip-flop of two choices remained. A feeling of coming in for protection; as protector. A sense that trying to figure what will work feels less stuck now.

Then, another bout into the physical. Drawn toward treatment at the cheeks and jaw. After a bit this was followed by a brief found of coughing. (Another bodily reset.)

Next was felt to be amidst a process of brushing away at something. Very slow and gentle (chipping away felt too harsh). Almost even a smoothing of subtle erosion. This will take meticulous action.

With this theme of Action today, both within my sensations and choice of words, I found myself repeatedly thinking that if there was a card to embody today’s session energies it would be Action. Therefore, in going into our card draw I refined my usual request into asking for guidance to the question, “What comes after Action?” We received #51 HEALER OF THE AGES, upright, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck (image and full description below). These little tweaks and nudges to action are happening, largely flowing of their own accord, so follow them through. Right now the little “acts” are having major effects and are a transitional stepping stone of significant healing, both for yourself and others. Trusting the little nuggets of guidance that may seem quiet and small, as well as adding self-inquiry to the little hesitations that make you pause and step back, will offer immense insight for your next action and the trickle through of progress on your path.

Donations gratefully accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.


Health and Vitality


This powerful being brings the force of ancient wisdom and profound healing. The light of Divine consciousness pours from his hands and heart, flowing to you with love and a powerful, healing intention. This amazing entity is with you now, bringing resolution to physical, mental, and emotional ills, helping to unblock stuck energy and revitalize your life force. You may have felt the strong presence recently, or you may just be opening to the wonderful sensations now. You can call upon this emissary of miraculous transformation whenever you need vitality, balance, or renewal. Know that at the deepest level an important healing is taking place.

AFFIRMATION: The powerful healing of eternal love is with me now and always. Divine consciousness fills every cell. I am whole, healthy, vital, and at peace.

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