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An Invitation to Be; to Trust

This post is for my 09/15/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

With a drum beat playing, just starting out, there was a furry of insights:

Something stuck, being held on to.

Something thrown away.

Unexpected consequences, and change of plans.

A forgotten obligation.

What you’re looking for is present and connected… just barely out of view. Just behind the next branch. Trust.

A jump ahead. Needing to recenter and start again. Find the moment and catch back up, knowing what you know now.

As I started connecting to each requesting participant I started feeling a tight aching in the low gut. The energy held there had a few layers, ebbing and flowing thought them, but with time softened and cleared.

A vibration came through the left arm and ribs, then a line across the mid-to-low back. As that settled I began connecting with and observing the Root Chakra. There was a depth of heaviness immersed in dense red energy. Powerful but sluggish. Held with this a while.

The feeling of much happening just at the edge of awareness came back. “The thing behind the next branch.” It felt as if much activity is converging at the edges of our consciousness. A lot is happening that we can sense but can’t yet tune into or understand. Observing further it became clear this is how it is meant to be now. Struggling to know, trying to see, will be futile. Once again: Trust.

Energies at the Crown connected in a downward visualization like an eggshell helmet. More than directly tuning into the central Chakras I felt a balancing happening between the Root and the Crown, many flashes between deep red and bright white. A feeling they were naturally assisting all in between. There was a buoyancy and stabilization being led by the two.

A strong Purple light came in (which I often associate with Reiki) parting clouds of darkness. More evening out, rather than fully disbursing them. With the New Moon energies the darkness is our friend right now – perhaps a further nudge into Trusting that which we feel is near but just can’t yet see.

If you release the desire for clarity what sense and emotion are you left with?

So many impressions had already come through I felt myself fall into the guidance of surrender and trust… falling back and holding Reiki without further trying to guide or interpret. Creating space to let it flow where it desired and see what more it might bring back to me.

Some vibrational waves came through to physically resonate – largely in the left lower body, but also at the right knee. There was attention to the ribs (notably: again, the ribs) though mostly side and back ribs.

The holding of space in trust seemed to be the main Reiki gift for our collective.


A focus to be here, and now, as much as possible.

This is where we receive, and right now is a time to receive.

Some tingles and a quickening pulse further instructed that contrary to our fast-paced and action oriented instincts, honoring the here, the now… the being and the receiving… this is how we are going to make progress and feel we are moving forward.

There was a strong sense of completion after those sensations and accompanying insights, so I moved into closing. I centered into clearing and aura sweeps along with the intention to have the wisdom and power or Reiki fill anything we have cleared today with light and love. These aura sweeps were a little different than my usual inclination, and I was moving with prayer hands up and out from the center line, tracing many times from the center – from the source – in a Toric field shape and flow. Overcome with cooling energy and gratitude I closed our session circle, honoring you all for being here and tuning into Reiki with your highest self.

May these energies continue to integrate and support you in the days and weeks to come.

Blessings and peace,

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