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An Umbrella Breeds Total Release

This post is for my 07/21/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

At first connection a wave of energies passed through: Shaky at Heart, Throat, knees and shins – weak in lower back.

Once rapport was established I moved into a top-down energy treatment: Starting at the Crown, the energy pulsed like a jellyfish. Some stagnation just slightly to the left of center that came through as a green block. Very light in weight, like balsa wood. As it loosened it became malleable like puffy modeling clay and turned white.

Moving toward the 3rd Eye the Throat began throbbing, so I split attention between the two chakras. There seemed to be a tilt to the flow here, and it moved around four total points: the 3rd Eye, down to the left jaw joint, down to the Throat center, and up to the right temple – then back up to the 3rd Eye. I sent Reiki and observed the flow, allowing these additional areas to balance out. Everything softened into an equilibrium fairly quickly, then I turned my attention solely to the 3rd Eye.

Both the left hip and the right funny bone popped up for some attention during the 3rd Eye clearing – just as light nudges for some additional attention and energy movement. Then a quick tension-headache-like pressure moved through the left temple as well.

Moving into the Throat it seemed to open like an umbrella, sharing flow with the lower body and chakras. This sent some fluttering waves through the arms, hips and thighs. Then there was a feeling of total release, almost like a collapsing marionette, through the entire lower body. Though intense it was a very relaxing sense of suddenly letting go. The forearms especially felt free of compelled movement.

I focused back from the extremities into grounding with the central column before honing in on the Heart.

The Heart appeared like a blossoming sea anemone in a translucent light yellow-green, with dozens of feeler arms reaching in every direction. It called out for support into the lower back, tying into some Sacral energies. This engaged some forward momentum in the pelvis. Then further engaged through the Heart and into both temples.

I felt called into a triple card draw, both in support for the lower 3 chakras as well as for coming guidance for the group. All 3 came from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, and their images and full descriptions are included below.

First, for the Solar Plexus, we incredibly (synchronicities) received #37 THIRD CHAKRA, ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL, upright. Then #6 CONTRACT, inverted and #9 BROKEN HEART, inverted.

Receiving Archangel Chamuel is a very clear and direct support for the Solar Plexus, igniting confidence and resolution here. Tune into a powerful golden ball: your own personal sun, and see where your passion and self-worth ignites motivations.

With the inverted Contract card at the Sacral chakra there is the feeling of a broken relationship, likely one that was romantic or highly emotional. The imagery also lends concern in balancing the mental/logical aspects with emotional and physical needs. There seems to be some continuing uncertainty about how this will be resolved or what the final outcome will look like in the coming weeks.

And then we have the inverted Broken Heart showing up for the Root chakra. In the last group session our one card received was the Broken Heart, yet at the time it was upright. This transition is a very significant symbol of progress from the strain and grief of the past into a more secure and foundational strength for both the Heart-space and in connection with the Earth. If sadness and heartache remains, try some deep breathing into the Root then out through the feet into the energies of Mother Earth. Breathe back up from her, filling the Root and then exhaling into a connection at the Heart. Adding this with meditation upon the question “What do I need?’ may bring clarity in connecting back into both natural healing and messages from your higher self.

For closing I widened into a Reiki bubble for the whole body and aura while keeping these cards and their guidance in mind. There were a few pulls and tweaks (including attention to the bladder, right Achilles and forehead) that got some smoothing and soothing… then the session felt complete.

Please review the full card details below if you’re looking for additional intuitions – and please contribute via donation, if you’re able, to help support future free sessions. Any and all assistance is incredibly appreciated!

Today's Cards

all from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck

#37 THIRD CHAKRA, ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL Emotions of Desire, Life-Force Energy Upright The powerful Archangel Chamuel is holding a beautiful sphere of golden light at the solar plexus, which is the location of your third chakra and the center of your life-force energy. The issues here revolve around emotions of desire and your personal energy. When the card appears upright, it indicates that an increased enthusiasm is present or soon to be on its way.

This is a great time to move toward the completion of your desires. Your life force is vibrating with power and resonance, and your soul is calling you to direct your energy in a focused, purposeful manner. This angel of power is with you now, so go for it! Affirmation: My third chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state. I radiate a bright and vibrant life-force energy. I feel excitement for all that I do.

#6 CONTRACT Partnership, Legal Commitment Reversed The contract card reversed indicates the ending of a previous connection; or where a future commitment is concerned, it could bring warnings of delay, and perhaps even possible disappointment. The sale of a house could fall through, the job offer might not come when expected, or a romantic union may be stalled. Don’t give up hope, however. This delay may provide some purpose or protection for you – and something even better could be on its way. This card reversed cautions you not to become desperate. Your needy, urgent energy could actually postpone the desired outcome even more. Continue taking action – even if it’s in another direction – and your patient resolve will pay off. If the breakup of a relationship is involved, always remember that you deserve to be honored. Open your heart and your life to the person who is willing to be fully present and loving. That person is waiting to commit to your own self-honoring heart. Affirmation: I am attracting wonderful, beneficial, connections that support and honor me and bring me great happiness, and abundance.

#9 BROKEN HEART Grief and Loss Reversed The Broken Heart reversed marks a time of renewal and hope. The pain and trauma are behind you now, and you can trust that greater joy is on the way. Whatever has happened to hurt you in the past, you’re now free to move on.

The Universe has much better things in store for you, so finish letting go of any residual grief and open your life to your new self-loving intention. Joyous connections will follow.

Affirmation: I release the pain of the past and live with compassion for myself. Love heals and renews me now.

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