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Ancient Support for Perseverance

This post is for my 02/05/21 Group Distance Reiki Session notes.

If you are reading this at any time know the energy and messages are perfect for you. Source knows, and I set my intention to send to my participants as well as all who are open to Receive.

I began today's session with a card draw from Rebecca Cambell's "Work Your Light" Oracle Cards deck. The card was 'Keepers of the Earth' and speaks of opening ourselves to receive the abundant support around us (full card details and picture below). I brought in this energy and intention to open us to this support as I began connecting.

There was initially a sense of perseverance- a knowing that effort may be necessary for achievement and progress at this time. As I called in Reiki Energy for all of us there was a strong pulling first at the shins, then spreading all up the legs and then into the arms as well. Stronger on the right, but definitely also present on the left. It was a forward momentum, like running a marathon that circled back to this idea of perseverance: slow and steady wins the race. Not the need for extensive effort at this time, but momentum and trust... and once again patience. Don't stop, as this won't serve you, but be gentle and understanding in your slow, steady progress at this time. It is worth it; it is working. Keep it up!

As I started sending Reiki to the Crown I was drawn up into the Soul Star Chakra first instead. This Chakra joins us with our higher selves, and it made sense this energy could be utilized (recognized) in appreciation and opening to the Ancients and Earth support from our card draw. I stayed here and reaffirmed this connection, sending Reiki to open us into this understanding of our ever present support. Opening us to Ask - and to join with the support all around us.

Connecting with the Crown was very open and in joyous harmony with the Soul Star connection, energies flowing freely. Going into the Third Eye some strong tension became apparent all across the forehead and below the eyes. It felt like the prefrontal cortex/ego/logic mind was resisting these higher connections. I did some acupressure and tapping work with ginger essential oil, to assist here. There were many layers, and the tension later moved down into the ears and jaw, but with time relaxed and released all of these tensions and attachments.

Moving down to the Throat another layer of resistance surfaced, and again had many attachments throughout the body, cycling Reiki work here tied in with all the lower chakras (Solar Plexus, Sacral & Root). This tightness was primarily on the right neck and at the back of the throat. Working here inspired me to also use cinnamon bark essential oil. The barriers to support and receiving once again released in a strong opening at the Heart. Yey! It felt like a huge shirt that helped clear the whole body.

At this point I used sage to support this clearing fully and to open the space for Reiki Energy to root and blossom. I held the energy around our beings to center us, and to stay with us, integrating over time for us, at the perfect pace for our learning, healing, and journey.

~Peace & Love to You All


You are not alone. Ancient ancestors stand beside you.

You are so supported. You do not stand alone. You have a magnificent team of helpers, both in this world and of the Earth, who are here to help you every step of the way. Call upon them for assistance; they are here to help.

The Keepers of the Earth acknowledge the work that you have done already and are ready to work through you. They bow at your feet and thank you for wanting to stand for them. To devote your life to protecting the Earth in your unique way.

It is time to increase your capacity to receive support in the physical realm. This can come in the form of financial abundance, acts of service from strangers, or people flocking to help you and your work. The only thing that is stopping you right now is your capacity to receive support. You deserve to be rewarded for the work that you are doing. You do not need to go at it alone. Call upon the Keepers of the Earth to help you and your mission. Open your heart and your mind receiving more than you ever thought possible.

What kind of support do you need? Call it in right away.


‘I am open to receiving a whole new level of support from my life and my work and I call it in now (include any other specific requests here). Thank you, thank you, thank you.‘

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