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Blood Intuition

This post is for my 08/12/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

In setup I prepared a diffuser with Sweet Orange essential oil and was feeling a focus on blood.

Right as I connected I experienced an unknown perfume-y, floral scent. I thought of the flowers in the picture I used for today’s session event postings (which was an unusual choice for me – a personal picture from a walk at a nearby garden).

I was then overcome by a strong desire to disconnect and soothe: a mud mask, bubble bath, (a mud bath??), or bundled in a blanket with a book by the fire.

I burned some Palo Santo and heard the word “Vishana”. After the session I did a quick search and found it means “Faith” &/or “You are a powerful presence without any awareness on your part of having personal power.”

Holding onto the idea of soothing I added some sound healing and tuning fork elements. I started feeling some sensations in the left big toe, and going into the next toe, as well as the space between them. Kind of achey and tense/pulled.

Then, the term and imagery of “Blood Roots” came with visions of young childhood events around localization/location/neighborhood symmetry… or also/instead viewed as an underground processing, for ancestral healing.

Lots of Heart work came in, and with time transformed visually into an energy like a tulip growing out of the Heartspace.

Before the session, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, I drew #52 GODDESS OF THE MOON, but I didn’t bring attention to it until this point, about ½ way through the session. A picture and full description of the card is included below, but at this time it had me bring a potent focus on intuition and intuitive support for all participants. Understanding, trusting and growing this, as desired.

With my attention on the tending to intuition I found I was holding my hands around the Sacral and Root space. Then my right big toe started vibrating like crazy… which was extra interesting after an earlier big toe sensation on the left side. This was a very quick and gentle pulsing of waves of vibration. I kept sending Reiki with my awareness drawn across these three points for some time.

Then, while still vibrating and holding at the Sacral and Root, I brought some attention to the 3rd Eye in connection to intuition. I heard “BloodWork” which felt to mean work at the blood level rather than having blood tested (yet, if that sings for you- go for it!). As movement grew around the 3rd Eye the pace of pulses at the toe slowed and extended, and I found the tightness holding at the Sacral and Root reduced some, but didn’t dissipate completely.

Because the big toe just “kept on keeping on” 😉 with the vibration, increasing again when I released the 3rd Eye, I moved my hands there. It made me think of such an intensity of energy movement in one spot relating to the type of insults “I have more ___ in my pinky…” and heard the message for readers: “You have more intuition in your big toe than you think you have in your whole body!!” Trust!

I expected the earlier card draw to be session guidance, with another for closing, yet it was such a potent part of today’s energy and movement that I didn’t feel inspired to draw another. When it came up earlier it was upright, but a little tilted, so I’m including both Upright & Inverted interpretations for consideration on where you may be on your path (and faith in the transition between).

Heat had been building for the whole practice, I believe from the the idea of soothing and the extra blood circulation tied to mud masking, bathing, fire-side, as well as continuing blood awareness’s altogether. I closed so heated that I needed a quick, cool shower before typing up these final notes!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Reiki, and any additional support these notes of experience may present. Remember to be gentle -and soothing- to yourself, and get lots of water… this energy may be integrating and incorporating for you in the coming days and even weeks!

Any donations are humbly honored, and help support future free sessions.

(with continuing thanks to all who contribute!!)

Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Intuition, Going Within

Upright This card shows an eternal spirit holding the bright, reflective moon and standing in front of the crystal clear waters of a sparkling waterfall. Her arms are stretched upward, receiving the light of the moon, the light of inspiration. This card is all about intuition, the ability to receive insights from your soul‘s point of view. Receiving the card upright tells you that you have the power to get intuitive information on all types of issues, and now is the time to use it! The Goddess of the Moon brings you all sorts of information, from the mundane to the spectacular. For instance, you could get the urge to take a different route home from work and find out later that you’ve avoided a three-hour traffic jam. Or you might have an idea for a great invention, a stock investment, or a spellbinding novel. This card could also indicate a significant blossoming of psychic ability and mediumship – even on a professional level. You’re always blessed with this ability to connect, but this card is telling you that now is the perfect time to open up. Get ready for the amazing inspiration this brings! Reversed This card reversed reveals blocked intuition, an inner disconnect, or a sense of living in the dark. You have a deep desire to know your purpose and truth, but they can feel very distant. This is a message of dissatisfaction where your inner life is concerned. It’s possible that extreme worry and discontent are the obstacles to the inner peace and wisdom you seek. If so, you need to let that go and renew your faith in yourself and your eternal spirit. Get out of your own way and release the fear that’s blocking the truth of your blessed, eternal nature. Your soul, your higher self, knows you best, so allow stillness into your life. Listen to the stirring of your own intuitive voice and trust what you receive! Affirmation: I have a strong intuitive voice. I freely receive guidance, and I understand and trust the messages I receive.

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