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Bringing Balance Home

This post is for my 10/21/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

During setup I thought "Centrifuge", then, upon connecting discovered more: Todays session will serve as a centrifuge, blending and balancing energies (energies that have been at odds).

Sensations at both collar bones and both temples formed a square of focus.

The edges became columns that framed the front of an elegant white two-story house, with a glowing window at the 3rd Eye & a darkened doorway at the Throat.

Pressure of commitments at the collar bones.

The Crown was represented as a rainbow arcing over the roof. Glowing with a stormy sky beyond.

A shrinking sensation pressed in at the temples, like walls narrowing an enclosure around the 3rd Eye. Momentarily dark, the window light then shot out and slightly upward, like a directed spotlight. While attentive and "seeing" there was an air of exclusion to the energy.

I invited outside support to assist and found the once square window became a circle - with the ability to focus, while also embodying the power to see widely, both inside and out.

Moving downward and asking to enter, the Throat doorway opened to a seemingly endless tunnel, with the idea of voicing swallowed in an limitless echo. Communication here felt effort-full and ineffective. Visualizing the Throat chakra became a tiny yet brilliant sapphire within the lengthy abyss. Glowing in my hands via headlamp, it became clear it wanted consistent light to really sparkle.

I recalled the centrifugal idea of combining energies. Then also was prompted by a returning feeling from setup, that todays card needed to be a centerpiece of the altar. It felt time to invite this guidance so I moved forward with a card draw from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck. We received #28 VICTORY, upright (image and full description below).

To me this spoke for a new look at success- a reframing of internal achievements, especially those you don’t think are important to others. While these don’t need to be shouted from the rooftops to all, they are asking to be voiced and shared. No only does this solidify your own acceptance and recognition of shifting importance in your life, it shines for others to observe and ponder on, assisting with the shift to collective support of self-work as a critical achievement.

(I also noticed the crown portrayed in the card mimics our portal-arch from last week, and feel the 28 is significant as the date -next Friday- when this sense of victory may really sink in.)

For closing I held at the Heart, then expanded ballooning outward, in totality. I was drawn into some grounding, and working at the Root took some extra time, with a few sweeps. At first the energies were moving upward, flighty. As they settled the imagery of brining a point down from the center of the Crown-rainbow created an anchor of completion.

Donations accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.


Success, Achievement


This card shows a beautiful spirit holding a golden victory wreath in acknowledgment of your achievement. Success is on its way, and you have a sense of pride in what you’ve worked to accomplish.

The achievement may be a great outer success, or it may be a deep inner change that you’ve been exerting a lot of effort toward. Enjoy this sense of accomplishment, but be careful not to rest upon your laurels. People expect outer triumph to bring great changes, but often there may still be inner work to do. Let yourself be open to victory on every level now.

AFFIRMATION: I am achieving great things within myself and in the world. I see myself as a success in many wonderful ways even now.

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