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Cacao Reveals Fifteen

This post is for my 2/02/24 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.


A sense of danger.  A light, but physical threat that requires attention and forethought for safety.  This is a time when distraction could lead to a wound or injury.


Remnants.  Little bits remain from past sessions, still present and asking for attention as well.


I brought Ceremonial Cacao into the session for the first time in quite a while, asking that the energies of this sacred plant medicine work through me, and with Reiki, to support and guide all that have requested to receive.  Further, after speaking this intention, I recited the following invocation from Ora Cacao, which they shared for working with the energies of this February:


Tuning into the depth of my heart, I give thanks to all that has been, all that is, and all that will be.

Thank you to this medicine of cacao, that awakens, sustains, and inspires. In these times, may your cacao spirit help me remember that which brings pleasure to my soul.

To the spirit of the awakening Earth, I humbly and lovingly bow, knowing that your stirrings are a reflection of my own.

Today I choose to honor that which seeks to emerge from the center of my being

And from this place of love, may my roots grow deeper and deeper, giving strength to my sprouting self so I may reach as far as my spirit seeks to go.

Devotion, love, and joy are my mantra.

May these be the foods for my soul to bring to life that which is ready to bloom.


I also was drawn to infuse in some Hinoki essential oil for the group:  for relaxation, and spiritual openness and protection, while physically helping ease anxiety and insomnia.


I felt some insight toward financial and abundance concerns, that right now this is being viewed in a logical and egoic lens rather than being allowed to flow into an open state of trust with an intuitive mindset.  While completely natural, and especially difficult to avoid when dealing with strict deadlines and ‘hard’ numbers that often come with money matters, it would be best to take the time to move into your Heartspace and find trust in your intuitive feelings before moving into any financial action.

Earlier in the day I was called to include fire for this session, while as setting up I was drawn to the element of water in multiple aspects of the altar.  Now I felt these play together as the primary forces of the day; of the session, but still well-balanced with Earth and air support settling us into equilibrium.  (Additionally the side-leaning Hamsa hand as part of the back ‘wall’ as well as the extra wide side cleared spaces were intentional aspects for the altar energies)


The was a spot in the left low back that was persistently asking for attention, and while it was not familiar to me/my body I was quick to assign it as my own… yet it kept, kept, kept coming back.  I had asked for Reiki to flow there (as I ask to receive as part of the group in these sessions as well) but still resisted adding it to my session notes until halfway through the session.  Once holding and attending to this specific spot I felt the energy radiating from the surface of apparent ‘impact’ at the back come through the body and out the front, about 6 inches.  It seemed connected to the left ovary or teste.  Then it really began speaking to me, definitely calling out as a group and collective energy.  The focal point sprouted visually into a black octopus – a dark void reaching for something.  A this point stretching down to the left hip and outer thigh.  A card draw revealed #15 APPRECIATION, upright and thinking of both the number and word swiftly brought a warm release to the areas.  (From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, full description and image below.)


With the card details now front and focused -the number a critical piece- a wave of the hinoki oil scent washed over me.  I circled back to my notes about all that came through earlier in the session, letting all be present together in contrast to my earlier avoidance of recognizing this area and energy. 


It feels as though this shift toward appreciation may be what is required to move forward both around the restraint and fixation on money matters, as well as through a darkness and fear that might be present on the spiritual level – which is on the cusp of manifesting into a physical wound if not given mindful attention.  Notice your place within the balance of all the elements, giving recognition -and appreciation- to each separately, then inviting the power they bring when melded together.  Trust that no matter the struggle, you are right where you need to be, right now, and see what awareness opens before you.  Bring gratitude to every moment you can…


Donations accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.



Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Choosing Gratitude


   This card shows a woman holding a single rose. She enjoys the scent and beauty of the single blossom. Yet around and behind her are bramble bushes. She could be focusing on these, worried that she might get caught up in their prickly branches of difficulty. Instead, she’s pausing to experience the blessing of this single flower. The sun is breaking through the clouds, shining on her choice and on the tiny buds waiting to open up.

   This card upright is telling you that you have much to be grateful for – and, like the flowering bush behind the woman on the card, there is more to come that you can’t yet see. Congratulate yourself for every moment that you choose appreciation. This decision shifts your consciousness from lack to value, and it’s guaranteed to bring more worth and richness of life to you.

AFFIRMATION:  I choose to see and appreciate the beauty and value around me. I increase my gratitude every day, and I am attracting even more to be grateful for.

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