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Capricorn Full Moon Card Reading

Today, June 24th, is the Full Moon, the Strawberry Moon, in Capricorn. While the workaholic steadiness and focus of Capricorn push us forward, the emotional, flowing energy of the Full Moon opposite the Sun's Cancer make this moon-time a little less about drive and success.

The full moon's potency turns everything up a notch, literally exposing what has been shadowed, ignored or hidden, and gives us an opportunity to reflect, rest and reset for the coming moon waning. Consider taking that Capricorn ambition and grounded progress up the mountain, to sit with and reflect where you've been travelling from. Turn your sights inward and encourage calming breath and self-appreciation - we just made it through a tumultuous season of wild cosmic rides between/around stacked eclipses and retrogrades!

I like to mix up how I draw cards for the moon cycles, and for today's lovely, fragrant-&-ruby essenced Strawberry Moon I thought I'd do a 3-card reading for the collective. Lately I've been mostly focused on Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck, but I was called to bring in the third draw from Dianna Cooper's "Angels of Light" cards - both for angel wisdom and a nudging toward the power of stand-alone word.

The first card today was an inverted #16 PATIENCE, followed by an upright #6 CONTRACT, then VULNERABILITY. (full card descriptions below)

Looking at the trio and the surrounding cosmic guidance, there may be a new path or a shift in your plans that will become concrete at this time. Remembering to stay true to your self, and your personal purpose/soul guidance, open your eyes to the wider opportunities and potentialities of the goals you're pursuing. Tune into your heart for decision-making, taking in any shadow-self fears, allowing them, and still trusting you are capable. Ask for what you want. You may need a little bit of time here, but things should become clear within the next two weeks. Then commit.

I wish you all the best in this Full Moon reading, and send Reiki energy for integration and the highest good of all tuning in or seeking guidance. Enjoy the illumination!


Peaceful Presence, Letting Go of Desperation


Peaceful redirection is the message when this card is reversed. Open up to the options available to you – even if they aren’t yet totally clear. The Universe supports you when you allow its influence to help direct your outcomes, and when you open your imagination to all of the potential solutions around you. The key is to keep moving forward without frantic need or urgency.

Don’t give up on your goal. Initiation and renewed action are needed now. So keep an open eye to the new and unexpected opportunities around you. You may be surprised where they lead!

AFFIRMATION: I pursue my goals with open receptivity. I am patient and flexible, willing to receive in many surprising and imaginative ways.


Partnership, Legal Commitment


This card shows a contract in the background, ready to be signed, indicating a committed connection of some sort. This union may be a business deal, the sale of a home, a new job, or even a commitment in marriage. Whatever the connection, this card is more than a casual agreement. It’s usually something that requires a document that’s binding – at least for the time being.

The scales of justice also indicate that if a legal action is underway, it is likely to turn out in your favor. This card shines a light on potential new opportunities, so remain aware and receptive to what may be coming your way.

AFFIRMATION: I am attracting wonderful, beneficial connections that support and honor me and bring me great happiness and abundance.


Only the brave and open hearted dare to allow themselves to be vulnerable, for it requires courage to take down all the walls and expose your humanness.

Your angel guidance is to become aware of your defense mechanisms, which keep you separate from others and the Divine.

Ask your angels to help you dissolve your masks and barriers so that your fragile, true self can emerge like a butterfly from its cocoon.

The reward is freedom, love and a sense of inner safety. So dared to be vulnerable and open.

AFFIRMATION: Vulnerability is my strength.

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