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Columns in White & Blue

This post is for my 08/20/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I started with an outdoor grounding and was surprised to become quickly lightheaded - the opposite sensation I expect from a grounding practice. I was drawn to do a clearing flush, followed by some protective layering (that felt more about empowerment of choice and ability rather than blocking anything out or buffering negativity).

Moving into sharing Reiki the idea of 'making space' came to mind, and as I fully connected I found some new imagery: I usually see or sense the energy flowing through me and beaming out to my participants rather directly. In this instance I felt the energy flowing upward and out more like a fountain, slow-trickling down to each participant. A floating and showering of envelopment that would grow over time and go exactly where needed most, individually.

In my setup I felt early nudges toward green, which inspired the mantra and focus of "I am pure love (you are pure love, we are pure love)". Then I physically centered on the heart and solar plexus areas.

Once again seeing the energy-fountain I also saw all recipients, with time, creating their own fountains, giving energy out to others, and spreading in my visualization like hubs on an airline flight-path map.

There was a pull toward some need for support at the low back, so I moved my attention there for a bit, and came to an awareness of restriction. Strict and regimented ideas that are feeling like a burden or frustration, seen as a firm hand karate-chopping away - sharply, monotonously, and disturbingly. With attention this image morphed into white columns of structure and support, surrounded by a calming blue light of organization and order: reminding us the power of perspective. Next I was overcome by intense cooling. A strong blue-light column of energy swiftly and fully connected the central channel - very powerful, flowing intensely. Then awareness moved out into two whirlpools of energy flowing in the aura at the left and right side of the body. They were balancing and fluid, circulating beautifully. Looking back to the glowing central channel, an even brighter white-to-blue-edged light -so strong and vibrant- felt like a fully charged battery ready to share power wherever attention is needed.

With this image and potency still radiating I pulled a card for the group asking, "what do we need to know, what do we need to hear?" We received #17 ACTION from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck (full card description below) - but in recapping now I am totally blanking on whether it came out upright or reversed, so I've included both interpretations. (In my mind's eye I'm remembering it sideways, at a slight angle, without an inclination to which angle! Isn't it fun & funny -& great!- that we're able to read sideways and upside down?)

I will add that in later reading the reversed interpretation this line really stuck out: "Or perhaps you need to make some adjustments in what you're paying attention to." It felt related to the energy of the central column I experienced just before drawing, and the feeling that your fully charged battery is ready to share power wherever attention is needed... so perhaps be discerning about where your attention is needed.

Circling back into sharing grounding energies, a cooling water cleanse felt appropriate to disconnect, with the intention these Reiki Energies continue to support and balance you in the days and weeks to come.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Energizing Effort, Willingness to Work


This card tells you that now is the time for more aggressive forward movement. The galloping horses represent intentional and concerted action directed to your goals.

This card upright indicates that you are on the right track, but you’re determined efforts must increase. The White horse is inner action of spirit and thought; the black is the outer work that still needs to be done. So continue taking action and trust your intuition. In time, you'll breakthrough and see the results you’ve been working so hard to create.


Action is the accelerant that ignites your desires, but when this card is reversed, you may find that something is missing in your determination of your follow-through. Perhaps you've been engaging in more wishful thinking than in any consistent effort. Or perhaps you need to make some adjustments in what you're paying attention to. Create a structured plan, then make sure you take daily action. This will move you closer to your goals. Be flexible yet persistent - and ever conscious of your ability to act on your own behalf.

AFFIRMATION: I am responsible for my own life. I take action toward my goals and my own happiness every day.

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