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Cosmic Vision Reiki

This post is for my 05/27/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Today has been beautiful and ever-changing, with a variety of weather shifting almost momentarily: from bright sun to heavy rain, to blustery winds, and back around. The energies have been potent for me all day, both in anticipation of our session, and with the recent Full Moon and eclipse. In Qigong earlier I had a planetary light flow visualization that I knew I wanted to bring into today's session and it expanded beautifully in a great energetic metaphor.

I also included freshly made fruit & veggie juice. I often include ceremonial cacao or Moon water to assist in session energies, and today the vibrancy of life and color of these plants served as a lovely nourishment to further empower the Reiki and all of you.

I set up our altar applying Cardamom essential oil to the throat and chest, and lit Rose incense. Going with my inspiration I dove into seeing the body as the universe - each chakra like it's own planet within the system - working with light visualization to balance each chakra as its own vortex of energy, as well as flowing within the microcosmic orbit of the entire body

I saw Divine Source as the Sun of all Suns, and our Heart center as the Sun of our individual system.

Starting at the Crown I saw a giant white glowing ball and felt our true natural state of flow and grace, and total loving perfection. Our Goal: Achieving (believing!) this. The guidance of letting go to move back into that perfect flow. Seeing this state as where we start and can always be, rather than something difficult or unobtainable. We are not something to be changed or fixed, simply clouded from seeing this natural state. Loosen to let the clouds slip away and return to whole in that clarity.

There was also an image of many little white eggs being incubated.

Moving into flow of the Crown as purple light surrounding the white ball, I started seeing this energy connecting with all the other chakras- then felt a tugging at the Sacral. I held Reiki, seeing it swaying and orbiting between both, to restore this balance. Using visualization with the colors of each chakra to let their light-lines flow together, in this case purple and orange.

Moving attention to the Third Eye, a huge pulse, like an explosion in the space-void. (think the end of 'Alien'). Just watching this energy expansion under an intention of Reiki-flow. It felt like a radar or sonar pulse out to other beings and consciousness beyond ourselves.

Then I shifted into the Third Eye's indigo light imagery, connecting with the other chakras.

Some pressure built up in the Third Eye, so I went back to holding Reiki just at that spot until it relaxed.

The Throat showed up like a smaller teal, liquid planet, distinctly warping the surrounding time and space. It felt to be holding onto some masculine energies, possibly from past or ancestral lives. It started tugging at both ears, making an image like a uterus (at the throat) with fallopian tubes connecting to the ovaries (ears), with a drip-drop sound and movement still tugging at the throat. Lots of Reiki here, just resting and watching. The ears remained 'stuck' so I started to follow the imagery and focus on the ovaries instead, and noticing we're back in the Sacral space I tied in orange light with the teal Throat light and started imagining those energies flowing between the ovaries and ears. The ear-sense turned cotton ball-y and muffled, then loosened and fully released.

The Heart was a gigantic multi-dimensional planet, flowing easily between liquid, vapor, and solid - open, wide and expansive. It felt calm, well-centered, and inspired to share. Green light waves like ripples blessed the other chakras with love and support.

The egoic side of the Solar Plexus wanted to be its own bright yellow sun, but playfully so, empowered by the Heart energies. It was smiling, but attached to some thick energies at the Root. I continued the theme with a yellow-to-red light bridge between the two, sharing energies for balancing. I pulled out some Black Spruce essential oil and took some deep breaths on pace with the light movement. Everything settled into smiling peace once again nicely.

A tiny hard and rocky orange marble of a planet showed up for the Sacral, with some pressure pushing forward from the back of the shoulders; perhaps outward forced momentum for creative pursuits or (looking back at the earlier ties to the Crown and Throat) spiritual progress or vocalization. I physically shifted my posture around to work with the energies here, then went into a card-pull from Rebecca Campbell's "Work Your Light" Oracle Cards deck. This time specifically asking about guidance for the Sacral state of our collective needs and individual chakra balancing. The card that came up was DANCE WITH LIFE: Do something to change your energy. (full description below) Wow - movement and that understanding felt very good here, and "your body will begin to be moved by your intuition" really spoke to how these energies felt intertwined today.

Landing lastly at the Root, red rocky, layered structures composed a planet shifting in earthquake-y movement. Stable, yet transitional, the way the Earth shifts and adjusts under natural pressure - and in this case feeling like forward momentum in strength.

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Today's Card

from Rebecca Campbell's 'Work Your Light' Oracle Cards deck


Do something to change your energy.

Life is always moving. If you resist this ever-changing flow, your energy will become stagnant and you will fall out of flow with the Universe. The Universe has a mysterious intelligent force, a natural rhythmic beat, which governs all of life. One of the best ways to shift your energy, frequency, and vibration is to put on some music and dance along with it.

When we dance unrestrained our spirit takes over, and with each new bop, sway, and kick we are rocked back into harmony with the rest of life.

Get unstuck by doing something that shits your vibration. Put on some music, dance unrestrained and fall into the frequency of life. In doing so, your body will begin to learn how to be moved by your intuition, which is connected with this systemic beat.

If dancing isn’t your thing, then simply do something that you would not usually do to shift the energy. You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it and you cannot attract a different experience without changing your energy first. It’s time to shift things up and find a way to dance along with the beat of life.


Do something to change your energy.

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