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Creation & The Fly

This post is for my 05/21/21 (*21*) Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Setting up included a Palo Santo clearing of the space, altar and cards, followed by a White Sage smudging for all participants as I started the session.

An early vibration rang strongly of today's energy, filled with inspirations of birth and life, and growth, and hope.

I felt to start early with the card draw, which furthered this "springtime" creation vibe: From Sandra Anne Taylor‘s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck the card for today's collective was #1 The Sun. This card came up just a couple weeks ago for us as well, sideways, yet this time was solidly upright. I see it as continuing and reinforcing those energies from before, and perhaps solidifying the positive progress for those of us who read the card in a reversed state (which spoke of stifled or blocked creative energies). (Full card description below.)

Sending Reiki and moving into this creative, hopeful air around me, I also felt the inspiration of change in who we *are*: Shedding off all old skin, or even old clothes that no longer fit… Without a thought of the judgment on where or why or how they don’t fit, just trusting there’s a new fit for you, and you can seek it with joy and comfort. Similarly dropping the beliefs of who we are, or really, who we think we're supposed to be. Allow yourself to fall into this Spring Rebirth on any and every level.

Honor your creations, and yourself for making them… There are so many things we put together with our own personal flair: a meal, the choice of a pillow on a chair, making the bed, or organizing the bathroom counter. A thousand little things every day. Honor your creations and the piece of yourself you leave within everything you bring to this world.

I held the black tourmaline from today's altar for a while mid-session, letting its weight and power anchor down from the Crown, and through all the chakras. It especially settled the left-side feminine energies aroused and dancing with this potent life-giving and hopeful energy. (the black tourmaline is hiding in the shade in front of the burning bowl.)

The Spirit of the Fly came through as well, and it’s iridescent beauty. Flies represent a critical aspect of the cycle of life, and are reflective of coming changes, with abundance around the corner. Though often viewed as dirty or a nuisance, I was drawn to the wonderful bright green-into-orange-and-red shiny coloring, and to the patient reflection and persistence of the fly.

I finished the session with patchouli incense, using frankincense oil on the inner forearms and rose oil at the heart. I toned on my Sacral D crystal bowl for about 10 minutes letting the vibrations further settle and balance these birthing and creation energies for all of you in the days and weeks to come.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's 'Energy Oracle Cards' deck

#1 THE SUN: New Beginnings and Great Creativity


The sun brings blessings to the earth, and this card portends blessings in your own life as well. Just as the sun nurtures the earth, bringing new life in the spring and summer, this is your time for a new beginning, the onset of a nurturing, new light in your life – the light of Divine inspiration and personal growth.

This card often marks a time of great creativity, bringing the culmination of an important new project, such as the birth of a baby or the writing of a publication of a book – or even the birth of a new you! Now is the time to put your energy into expressing your truth and vision. Visualize the light of Divine love, pouring into your heart and mind like the rays of the sun, bringing inspiration, growth, and abundant blessings. See the future you want to create and know the sun is shining on your intentions now!

Affirmation: I open my heart and life to the creative inspiration of Divine Love. I choose to create happiness in every new day.

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