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Crystalline Support

This post is for my 04/23/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Starting out today there was a desire for extra care in preparation. A layer of protection and safety, that might be possible, but easy to overlook. Like tying a child's or friend's shoe-laces (or even catching they're untied in the first place). It felt like that little tug of security in bundling something up.

I began with a white sage clearing of our energies, spaces, and the session altar. Since I was outside the smoke was free to dance as I began sharing Reiki, and it stayed flowing for quite some time.

The crystals I chose were eager to participate more actively today, so I held each one in turn, allowing their energies to flow through and add any empowerment they were offering.

After the last crystal I felt the message: This might be the time to be meticulous. Take a second look at things, or follow your references… Appearances may not be what they seem right now.

I went inside my home for a few minutes to tone on my Sacral Chakra Quartz bowl: more crystal assistance. Further, I utilized sound chimes on my Tibetan Bowl and played a Heart Chakra song.

Coming back to the altar I pulled a card from Rebecca Campbell's 'Work Your Light' oracle cards deck: NO (full card description below). Wow - so bold, and such a beautiful card - a storm within a pyramid and the cosmos.

Did you come with a question today? Has one been lingering? See how within the description timing and cycles are brought into light, and what meaning that may hold right now.

I completed the session with a Chakra scan and sending, spending the most time at the Crown. A starting image here of hesitation, or anticipation... a doctor's office waiting room energy. Maybe a fear of news, either felt to be inevitable or unavoidable. It relaxed, and the other chakras felt to be supported, flowing and balanced from the crystals' work.

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Today's Card

from Rebecca Campbell's 'Work Your Light' oracle cards deck

NO: Wait. Postpone. Pause. Say no.

You are being called to either pause or say NO. Saying YES to something that isn’t in alignment with you will drain your energy and your time. Hold out for a congruent aligned 100 percent YES.

Often, when we are looking for guidance to make a decision, it can be frustrating not to move into clear and considered action. However timing is everything, and not receiving clear guidance is actually guidance in itself.

We all go through times known as ‘waiting periods’. These times are crucial for our body to regenerate, the new path to formulate, and the Universe to begin creating things on our behalf. You don’t need to be plowing forward all the time to move forward. A potent congruent YES when the time is right will put you ahead leaps and bounds. Don’t force things now, just because it seems like the only option. Take a breather and wait.

The waiting is actually very productive, for when the time for movement comes you will be ready to dive right in. Use this time to regenerate and ponder what you truly want. Consider the options. If the options are not clear, don’t fear, because this time is a gift. Use it to tend to your garden and take a rest. Take a moment from your busy life to clear the decks and prepare for the time in the future. For come spring clarity will bloom and you will have the reserves, space, and drive to say YES and act and move quickly.

Work Your Light

Say no, postpone, or wait.

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