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Directions & Doorways

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

This post is for my 11/05/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Earlier this week I took part in a Cacao Ceremony where we honored objects in representation of the elements, the directions, and connection with our ancestors. After further empowerment through dance, sound, word and reflection the resulting Altar really spoke to me and resounded as a great centerpiece for this Group Reiki Session. So I began with this existing Altar, and in my setup today I expanded it further, with a new intention to share this energy with the group. Then I began connecting with everyone, and any specific areas or requests, creating an energetic rapport. Once fully linked I requested Reiki to assist in the full session as we work with these more specific Universal energies and frequencies. I started by honoring the directions and elements as a whole, and requesting their powers to flow through me for all participants. I felt their vibrations and for a time was simply observing and being a blank channel. Then I invited, welcomed and thanked each in turn, as well as the ancestors who knew and honored them, like moving around a fire of ceremony. As I started to direct my focus, planning to begin at the East, I found a wave of knowledge about this important integration, and the necessity for humbleness, humility, in the light of these greater forces. For, we can never be the East; we can never be in the East – for every time we move East, all is reset. There is a new North, and South, and West as well, at all times. Understanding our place, and balance to each aspect is necessary for integration. Similar with the elements, all within us at all times. Finding and allowing their balance, while trusting their need to support and balance each other. Not even a give and take, or ever a fight, rather a natural state of being at the center of - and in graceful respect of - all things. Now feeling this, I began inviting each direction and element to flow through, to and with the central column, each in turn. First the front of the chakras, then the back. So, starting at the East & Wind, opening and requesting those powers work with us, and within us, asking all ancestral and Universal wisdom and knowledge held in these powers to assist and flow with us, creating or restoring balance in these aspects. Moving to the South & Fire, physically facing the direction for each of these, asking for this integration and honor. With the West & Water some intense, sharp but wide aching in the left mid-back and kidney. I held with the flow and intention upon noticing this, but before moving onto the North I spent some time sending Reiki to this region of the body. Sensation spread forward into the lower left hip and groin, now burning and piercing. After a few minutes this fully relaxed into light remaining tightness around the left kidney, which further slowly dissipated fully. I was drinking water for cleansing and reset between each directional change, but after this work I had even more water before moving North, spending a couple extra minutes on the intention of a clarified and fresh connection with the North and Earth element. After completing the connection here I once again moved to center in gratitude, back into being. Going into this practice I thought there might be time for a paced general scan after, but especially with the extra kidney/pelvis work the complete circle brought us nearly right up to the full hour. So, I went for the cards – Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck – and asked for any important messages and continuing guidance that would be helpful for today’s participants. We received: #31 DOOR TO VALUE, reversed (picture and full description below). Focusing on this message and centering on the body I felt a very stable and secure central column, holding firm and steady. (Perhaps newly supported after today’s powerful contributors and chakral clearing.) An indication to trust in your path and find confidence in those matters happening around you that may have initially made you feel insecure. A guidance to fully step into your power and understand that any weight on your shoulders can be converted into a sense of security, like carrying the weight of a superhero’s cape – as you are harboring great strength and ability!

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


New Beginnings in Finance or Career


This card reversed signifies a partial - or perhaps even potentially complete - closing of the door. The hoped-for new opportunity where money or career is concerned may be delayed or possibly even derailed. Don’t be disheartened, however. This card reversed reminds you not to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your interests and your efforts, and let your intuition guide you to the next open doorway. In the meantime, open your heart and your mind to the other sources of value in your life. Money is a commodity, but so are time, tranquility, and love. Choose to open the doors of these wonderful experiences yourself, and find real value there. AFFIRMATION: My life is opening to endless possibilities of prosperity. The river of abundance flows freely through my door, bringing me unlimited wealth.

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