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Emotional Waterfalls Crash Down to Find Strength

This post is for my 11/23/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Purging, cleansing and grooming. Letting go.

Confidence in the energy of personal boundaries and protection. Enforcing and strength of self-worth and confidence for advocacy. You are a pillar for yourself.

Once connected to the group and flowing with Reiki I found deeper guidance and definitions: There’s a collective energy of tension… holding on. Whether grudges, a sense of self, fear of scarcity (not enough stuff, wealth, *love*). And while in posting my setup comments I closed with “may you be in peace” I found the guidance to counter these vibrations with JOY. Be in joy! Look at what you do have. Think of all the high moments.

In whatever way you can connect to Joy (and a gratitude practice is a great place to start, if you’re struggling), greet the tough moments with that energy.

I held with the energies of letting go and finding joy for the remainder of the session, and found a lot of old skin was ready to slough off. Old protections (false protections/blocking protections) being released to allow that inner strength to shine.

Greeting orbs of what was tough and stuck with tenderness, acceptance and care. Sharing a “thank you” for lessons learned from their presence.

At first I thought perhaps no card was needed, but that evolved into, “what is the best card for guidance to go with this message? What will help solidify this meaning?” and within my minds eye the center of the deck started glowing orange (Sacral Chakra). From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #2 JOURNEY, upright & #4 HAPPY FAMILY, inverted (two cards, it ended up, once I grabbed for them – pictures and full descriptions included below). At face value this could mean you’re traveling to see your unhappy family.

Further, in relation to the session messages, it could indicate that this is a process -a soul journey- but you are on it, following it properly and within due time successfully… yet… this does not appear through the classic interpretation of how a happy family presents. Whether that means you will face difficulties in coming familial relations and need to assert your self (within or externally, more your internal advocacy and presence), or perhaps in learning that what you and your family hold as happiness is not the same standard you’re moving into. Moreso, it could be a self-preserving navigation of surrounding unhappiness is key.

In closing I brought in some grounding and found images of Earth paired with Water: a stream flowing down and through the rocks; veins of water moving into the ground like roots of nerve branches, and integrating. Let your emotions flow and see them like Water, running through you and out through your feet – touching the Earth and then coming back up in waves of strength and new growth.

And just as I was finishing, the note, “This is not like ripping a band aid off… tenderness and care is key. Slow. With Acceptance. Or you will feel the rug burns.”

May You Be in JOY!

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Today's Cards

both from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Movement, Relocation, Travel

Upright Pack your bags! The journey card foretells upcoming travel or a shift in location. It may be as simple as a vacation, retreat or class, or even a work-related trip. This card could also signal a move of residence or a job relocation. The upright position indicates that the plans should go off without a hitch. Still, be clear about your motivations and mindful of logistics. All of life is a journey, and this card is telling you that you have some exciting and inspiring adventures ahead.

AFFIRMATION: I am attracting wonderful new adventures to me. My life is a blessing, taking me to new places – inside and out.

#4 HAPPY FAMILY Closeness, Fun, and Caring

Reversed When the happy family card is reversed, it indicates a separation or emotional distance from family members or close friends. This disconnect may be from your family of origin, such as your parents or siblings, or it may be that something is standing between you and your present family members, whether it be your children or your spouse. There could be some hostilities that need to be worked out, or perhaps some fences that need to be mended. Communication and patience may be called for here, so let your intuition be your guide. Remember, real healing starts when you choose to become your own loving parent, sibling, spouse, friend, or child. A lesson in every relationship is self-honoring, and sometimes the karma is just to let go. AFFIRMATION: I open myself to a new and deeper experience a family, and I am ready to see greater happiness there. I know that I am the loving family that I need.

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