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Energetic Building Blocks

This post is for my 02/17/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Today’s was a deep session, during which time felt to flow quickly.

Earlier in the day, while thinking of the session, in my mind I saw a stack of colored playing blocks, balancing precariously. I was drawn to focus on the chakras and balancing them back into a stable and self-supporting structure. Helping our overall alignment and support from this base energetic level.

Starting at the Root it seemed to have the most significant impact, as energy began quickly flowing up the body to the Heart level. It sent slow energy waves wide and deep for quite a while, at times zeroing in on specific areas and organs within the core body. This conveyed the impression it helped revitalize all the lower chakras as well.

Moving into the Sacral sensations all across the surface of the back were triggered, at the skin level as well as up to ½ an inch below. Some work came through here, as well as into the pelvis and hips, but even with significant energy movement it seemed a little hung up. I decided to move on and return when prompted.

Both the Solar Plexus and Heart were highly receptive and quick to flow and balance, working through what was needed smoothly. They both also tied back into some attention points at the Sacral, and upon closing with the Heart the Sacral felt balanced as well.

The upper chakras took turns of attention individually, but largely worked together in the imagery of a Earth: Earth as body, body as the whole Earth. There felt to be balancing at a wider level, bringing in Earthly support and connection from the Root-work, and tuning into high Universal vibrations and support to make a more unified integration.

Time was up before I was inspired to draw a card, but it still felt helpful for completion. From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, specifically requesting continuing guidance and support in the processing and integration of these new energies, we received #36 SECOND CHAKRA, ARCHANGEL ARIEL, upright (image and full description below). This felt fortuitus since the Sacral did call for extra attention from a variety of sources. When major shifts happen there can be a time of adjustment. Perhaps calling in Ariel’s presence and assistance, and/or taking your own interpretation from the card reading, will provide further inspiration as to what comes next.

Donations gratefully accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.



Intimacy and Creativity

Upright Your second chakra vibrates in the energy of the beautiful angel Ariel. She sends a bright orange energy, promoting inspired creativity and greater comfort with intimacy. When this card appears upright, it’s urging you to get creative. Let yourself reach out into unexplored areas of self-expression and new projects that may have a more creative approach. This is also a time when the energies of closeness with others - and nurturing yourself - can flow more freely. You can now open yourself to the emotional intimacy that may be coming your way. So nurture yourself and be ready to receive the affection and camaraderie of the resonant souls around you.

AFFIRMATION: My second chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state. I am creative and self-nurturing, more and more comfortable with the gentle waves of intimacy coming my way.

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