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Energizing Past Resistance

This post is for my 02/19/21 Group Distance Reiki Session notes.

If you are reading this at any time know the energy and message is perfect for you.

In setup today there was a sense of pairing up, needing two parts of ourselves working together, so I doubled up on some crystals. There was also a call to salt and purification.

As I started sending Reiki and sensing energies I felt a strong resistance in the Crown chakra, that later connected through the forehead and intensified at the 3rd Eye. It felt like resistance to spiritual ideas and/or our higher knowledge and Source speaking to us/through us. Some fears about giving in, about trust, and especially in the 3rd Eye the word "Understanding". Perhaps the need to understand, but more so, possibly, about the freeing of the need to understand. Letting go of the analysis and of wanting logical explanations for the messages and guidance we may be resisting. A lot of time letting Reiki flow in here: to these spaces, these ideas, this release. Energy then poured out from the ears.

Moving to the Throat area I was moved to today's card draw, which, from Rebecca Campbell's 'Work Your Light' Oracle Cards was LEMURIA: Creating heaven on Earth. It's happening. (Full card description below.) Perhaps speaking and sharing our belief in the possibility of Heaven on Earth would be a powerful catalyst for collective momentum right now. Say what you want to see, not what you don't like.

Going into the Heart-space energies were incredibly fluid and hopping around all over the place. I opened to sending and following sensations, in more of a trance then a word/thought state. It felt to circle back to many areas of resistance breaking open, and forging new paths - forgotten energy passageways, backroads, untrodden territory. Many new openings and rediscoveries. I saw a blue-light spiderweb of connections, like a many-many branched flux capacitor lighting up and energetically celebrating this flow of light and information. (Does Back to the Future bring up anything for you?)

This lightways discovery and Reiki flow continued until a bursting explosion from the Heart and surrounding all our physical and energetic bodies, as well as our whole collective. These mini-breakthroughs culminating into some major movement and clearing.

Enjoy this energy and notice if/where you still have resistance. You don't need to understand it... just feel it. Feel into where it sits in your body, observing it, and loving it, just as it is. It may naturally loosen with this love & attention, or, it may not... but allowing it opens you to what may lie next.

I started the day with some Wild Orange essential oil, which was still incredibly uplifting, so I added more to my neck and 3rd Eye as I was setting up. I used White Sage smudging on the altar, then Palo Santo to clear all our energies for the start of the session. Donations lovingly accepted here.


Creating heaven on earth. It’s happening.

Lemuria or Mu is one of the Earth’s lost lands, where heaven really was a place on Earth. A time before we were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. In Lemuria, life worked in harmony, all beings were seen as equal and we were deeply reverent to Mother Earth. We knew that a mosquito was no worse than us and the sun no better.

Perhaps you too believe that heaven really can be a place on Earth. Perhaps you are part of the transition team who at a soul level are devoted to creating this kind of harmony on the planet now. Thank you for wanting to do this work.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the state of affairs on the planet right now, but you are being encouraged to keep holding the clear vision of the future; it is closer than you think.

You may be guided to hold the frequency of Lemuria in your own community, family, workplace, or within yourself. Know that it is possible, and while at times it may feel like you are alone, you truly are not. There are hundreds of thousands who hold the codes of this ancient lost land and even Lemuria crystals that hold the codes of remembering that are beginning to rise all over the planet.

Keep doing what you are doing and remember: The only way to heal the world around us is the first heal ourselves.

Work Your Light Transmission (hold your hand to your heart and say):

‘I hold the codes of Lemuria and believe that heaven really can be a place on Earth.‘

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