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ESP: Even-ing Solar Plexus

This post is for my 08/26/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

In setup I applied doTERRA’s Hope Touch blend above the Heart, & set up a diffuser with Patchouli essential oil.

I’m often torn in the writing style for these postings. Usually I end up going into storytelling through my experience, and even when I want to be concise it ends up more long-winded than I expected. I trust that’s usually guided by the energy, but today I felt the drive toward bullet point styling. While offering a quicker read, there is more room for interpretation and reflection, and as the session expanded I found this was further supported by strong messages in trust and personal translation:

Patterns in the context.

Messages in what appears abstract.

Trust your own interpretation.

Hair (came up twice w/ the above, so means something to someone).

Menthol, camphor, cinnamon, cayenne, ginger – as supportive treatments.

Energy flowing down the back, toward the outside edges, then moving to the front across the diaphragm and spleen points, centering at the Solar Plexus.

Holding extensively at the Solar Plexus and spleen.

Right inner ear lighting up.

Cultivating the fire in your belly:

The motivation, desire and drive to do things… problem solving. Thinking outside the box and getting it done. Unconventional solutions.

Trust in support.

You have those that will help you get there, but then doing it yourself. Doing it your way.

A cooling at the feet. Calming the feeling of antsy (hot-stepping) & separation from Earth.

Focused on Solar Plexus and right ear. Much here: layers around trusting, hearing, ESP.

After much fire-y energy, centering back on the Solar Plexus, bringing in watery emotional support and healing, fostering self-love.

“Know that it is okay to make mistakes while learning.”

Incredible releases of deep holding around the Solar Plexus, especially where tied into the spleen and right inner ear. If inspired, please let me know how you feel about this format. Much Gratitude! (Surprisingly, I wasn’t drawn to a card for support either within or at the end of this session. If you’d like a personal draw just let me know!)

Donations super appreciated, if you’re able and inspired.

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