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Ever-Inspiring Reiki Magic

Last night I cut myself -my left index finger- while cutting veggies for chili.

I don't cut myself often... very rarely - so while I've read much about Reiki treatment for cuts, I haven't had an opportunity to try it for myself. Until now. :)

It was a good slice. About 1/2 and inch on the pad, just above the top knuckle seam. There was that second of *gasp*, time-stopping, then reality setting in. "Yes, you just sliced your finger. What are you going to do now?" My first aid instincts kicked in: clean, stop the bleeding, bandage (thank you mind), and oh, yeah, you'll need to seal it up so you can keep working on dinner!

I decided I could make it to the bathroom sink and as I cupped my right hand under the finger, to manage any blood drops, my palm gesture, muscle memory, core instincts, said "oh, yeah, Reiki!"

So in the 20 steps to the bathroom I'm sending Reiki and all joyously realizing I get to experience treating a fresh cut. I kept sending throughout both the cleaning and adding pressure to stop bleeding, then took a minute to focus solely on Reiki treatment once it was stable. I used a Reiki symbol, too*.

Then I applied an essential oil healing salve, put on a band-aid, and topped it off with a finger cot.

**There was NO pain!**

There was a millisecond of stinging right after the time-stopping moment, post-slice, where I had the memory of previous cuts, "That's right, it doesn't hurt for a minute... you get to look at this awful wound and be amazed that it doesn't hurt as you pull yourself together; the pain comes later..." But, it didn't.

I had a faint sense of throbbing as I got back to cutting vegetables, just for a few seconds, which is when I really realized I hadn't sensed any pain yet. In reading about different Reiki treatments for different acute conditions I recalled some of the senses the recipient and sender might experience when treating a fresh cut. It re-centered my treatment, and I went back to sending remotely - with my eyes and mind - as I kept on working on dinner. I was conscious of my joy and gratitude for all my instincts and background Reiki knowledge, to assist in my healing.

Throughout the night I did a few more short sessions, both cupping the finger and mentally sending at times.

Shortly before bed I removed the finger cot. I slept with the band-aid.

I was so surprised it didn't hurt. With the full covering I started to question the severity. I thought, "If I take this band-aid off and it's fully healed, I'm going to doubt what even happened." (Isn't that crux of our logical need to be skeptics and dismiss the miraculous annoying at times?) I shook it off and fell back into the trust of Reiki - and, amazing essential oils!

(..& I reminded myself of the blood, the size, which for all I know set back my healing - just so I could understand the process better!)

This morning I took the bandage off, and it's in great shape!

It is clear there was a cut, but one end has totally healed - about 1/4 of the length. The rest is sealed fully, which is different than my prior experience of first removing the bandage from a young cut. I can feel the energy of healing working within - almost like it's swollen, but it's not - so it's a different energetic sense than I've had in the past.

I will keep sending it Reiki today, and check on it again tonight. So far I am very impressed, and very thankful to play with it; to expand my experience and knowledge. It is definitely in awesome shape after 20-ish hours.

Happy Halloween!

Enjoy this time of transition & glorious colors.

*Don't know about Reiki Symbols? They're taught to Reiki students but are sacred and secret

-despite being all over the internet- empowered when the student is attuned to Reiki.

They can be used to enhance Reiki energy for different situations and treatments.

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