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Filling the Sinkhole

This post is for my 07/07/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

A need for self-inquiry leads today’s session:

- What emotion have you been avoiding lately?


- What are you diverging from?

- Are you doing anything to have Fun? To allow yourself to feel Free?

Laurel Leaf essential oil was applied in a cross, covering Heart to Throat, and then across the chest. Also, on the left inner wrist and left inner elbow.

After creating an energy connection and doing a full scan, I settled in at the Root chakra. Yet, after a few minutes I was drawn away by imagery of a bloated stomach (the actual organ). As I tuned in deeper, I also began getting physical sensations: while it was tight at the sides, there was a feeling of a gaping sinkhole in the center of the abdomen, filling the whole space… deepest at the navel, but straining outward, even pulling high into the chest.

I held Reiki here for quite a while.

After some time the sinking feeling receded, yet the tight chest and edges remained. In contrast to the expanded force of these sensations I folded forward, almost feeling like I was giving the Heart a closer line toward the lower abdominal cavity. This led to a comforting spinal stretch. Then deepening the connection- hands held feet and I was aware of the palms-to-arches chakral alignment.

In thinking of the body’s energetic flows for giving and receiving, and visualizing infinity symbol imagery, I swapped hands, crossing wrists, to contrast the alignments for part of this hand-on-foot hold.

Straightening back out, the pull at the chest had fully released; now just the tight sides remained.

This started to feel associated with the spine, and I began seeing the sensations like a clam forced open: a connection of pressure at the seam represented by the spine, and an even more intense pressure at the sides, feeling the force of that central spring magnified by distance. With both hands now crossed over my Heart I brought energetic focus to the backside of the lower three chakras. I wondered if release would come from relaxing into the forces, essentially shutting the clam, or rather from finding a way to relax into the forced opening...?

With time, and without much change, no direction came. I widened to holding solely at the Heart for some time, observing these sensations as periphery.

The Heart itself went through layers of clearing, yet after multiple releases the abdominal side pressures from before still remained. I recalled how movement loosened the chest attachment, and tried the opposite spinal flexion, now arching the whole body. This only brought in more pain, connected to the pelvic floor, so I released the movement but with this guidance now included direct focus at the Root. With more time, and moving beyond the session hour, the tension still held, so I decided to go into a card draw.

In shuffling I recalled the leading intuition that this was a session about self-inquiry. It seems perhaps this card will help receivers to take the steps for the final release of whatever is still holding. From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received, #9 BROKEN HEART, upright (image and full description below). After looking intently at the imagery of the card while reflecting back on the full session, I once again folded forward. While the tightness remained, I did feel some loosening and a sense of oxygenation come into the spine and sides… a bit like adding the space to breathe. Maybe try a stretch with some deep breaths as you look at and read about the card, to see what insights it brings.

In Peace,

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Grief and Loss


This card shows a heart, broken open, revealing darkness, emptiness, and a grief-filled tear. The hurt maybe from long ago, or it may be the pain from a more recent event. Either way, a deep healing is called for now.

Vent your feelings and release the person or situation involved. Affirm that you are reclaiming your power and peace of mind. Open your heart to the light of Divine love and healing, and have compassion for yourself through this difficult process. Make self-care a priority now. As you let go of old experiences, you can open your heart to the true and abiding love that you so rightly deserve.

Affirmation: I release the pain of the past and live with compassion for myself. Love heals and renews me now.

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