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Finding Warmth & Support

This post is for my 02/26/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Things were feeling a little shaky as I was first connecting with everyone, creating an energetic rapport. There was a sense of lacking support, a longing for stability. I felt the word 'Trust' and the suggestion of utilizing whatever support you have: a trusted friend, a comfortable bed, or a loving animal companion - even the smallest aspect you can recognize as providing support within your life. Perhaps just taking a moment and feeling your feet on the stability of the ground, held in place by gravity. Feeling into this -noticing it exists- and allowing that security to fill you can be hugely easing.

I let the sense of ease of support fill my space, swirling with the invitation of bringing in Reiki. Then pulling that Reiki into the central channel, the inside line of the legs, from thigh to knee, to calf, to big toe, was lit up and flowing with a tingling energy.

Observing this intensity I continued to send Reiki to the whole and noticed the energetic flow increasing for the entire front half of the body, balancing out this inside-line intensity and moving it outward and upward. ...Until it felt hung up at the area of the jaw and inside the throat, so I stayed with Reiki here.

Watching the resistance I felt this message: Take a look at what has been your primary focus lately: what has been consistently pushing to the forefront of your mind? Remember, not everything is about *this*, but when something consumes our thoughts -when we notice we keep coming back to it - we must also realize that we project it onto the world surrounding us… blocking higher messages, insights, creativity and our fulfillment.

I remained as a hollow reed for Reiki’s presence surrounding this idea and supporting our ability to let go.

It felt appropriate to bring in some additional guidance at this time with a card draw: COMMUNICATION came up, from Diana Cooper‘s 'Angels of Light' deck (full card description below). Continuing to send I held my attention on the idea of open communication, and the affirmation from the card: I communicate clearly and honestly.

Letting Reiki again swirl around and flow freely: The thought 'Allow Warmth' came in -whatever that means to you- physically or metaphorically. It circles back somewhat to the sense of allowing/acknowledging our self-support and comfort from the beginning of the session, but may also speak to the idea of warm and gentle and maternal care in our communication, both with ourselves and with others.

I saw the Reiki now as ribbons of warm pink light, encircling all our beings and bodies and entities - flowing out and cradling any scattered parts and pieces, lovingly embracing & bringing them back home to fulfill our truest form, our truest selves. Feeling/seeing/knowing this collection and warmth for some time.

Opening my reflection back into the bodily flow I saw the block at the throat and jaw had been cleared and released. I could sense the energy coming up to the crown and then circle back down now, completing circuits over the entire back of the body. The intensity of the inner leg still present, but now flowing out to the side and all around the leg, as well as up the front of the body and down the back of the body. Tingling all over.

The session felt expressive, and complete! I brought my attention to my heart space and filled with gratitude for Reiki and for all of your essences joining me here today.

Much love and light to you!

Today I prepared with cedarwood essential oil and a white sage incense stick. I included cacao in my ceremonial prep, and upon drawing our card I added a dragon blood incense stick, with the intention of bringing in the power of the dragons for the rest of the session.

Donations lovingly accepted here.

Today's Card

from Diana Cooper's 'Angels of Light' deck


The angels remind you that being spiritual is about being genuine and honest. When you speak from the heart, others feel the resonance of truth and trust you.

Talk positively. Focus on the good in life and you will feel happier and healthier.

Communication is a two-way process. Listen with interest and respond openly. This will improve all relationships.

Communicate constantly with Source using prayer, which is asking, and meditation, which is listening.

Always keep channels of communication open. Be a bridge to others' hearts and minds.

Ask your angel to step into you aura and communicate in a higher way through you.

AFFIRMATION: I communicate clearly and honestly.

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