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Flat, Still Waters

This post is for my 09/29/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Today’s session came through in a trance state, so my recap will be what resonates through memory, as I didn’t take any notes within the session.

In preparation a message came through: There was a sense of difficulty, with things not working as they’re supposed to. Any idea that perhaps something was put aside or put off, waiting for a second try after it initially failed. The invitation to come back to this now, but bringing in a creative lens. Preparing to reach the desired outcome by using a child-like mind and finding a new invention for the solution.

Also, layers. Layers has been a theme all day, and this came through within the session as well.

Moving into the session continuing visualizations of flat, still waters. First pictorially displaying the sky, the only hint toward water was a rare, light ripple. A calm, pristine and peaceful setting, letting all be as is… coming into self-stillness.

This morphed into the featureless water of a sensory deprivation tank. All sensation removed beside the subtlest hint of the water line. Temperature so exacting and perfectly balanced that hot and cool were one; air and water were one; everything and nothing existed as one. The invitation from Source that this perfect external balance was transferring inward.

Back to the naturally reflecting still waters, now at a peaceful mountain lake. The guidance to move into observer, and see this still water from the outside. The message that when we are fully submersed we don’t recognize the impact we’re making. Stepping outside allows the stillness to return.

There was also a time of swirling energies around the right eye socket. Yellow, they felt to be moving slowly yet there was a sense the energy was busy. Watching and sharing it began to grow slower and slower, at times an imperceptible swirl of movement like the cosmos. With the slowing, waves of sensation flowed through primarily the right side. Shivers of fresh clarity. Back and forth between the swirl surrounding the eye socket and the vibrations of greater being.

A note in passing: Grizzled door, cold lock.

There was a continuing feeling of support with this session. A few animal spirts as well as “guardians” (this was the word shared).

That is the summary coming through. An overall sense that a lot was cleared within this felt sense of stillness, then new energies reveling into integration. May these fresh energies continue to balance and support you in the days and weeks to come.

Blessings and peace,

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