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Flowing Darkness Mends Connection

This post is for my 09/01/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I was drawn to dark stones and multiple essential oils during setup. Energies from the recent full moon seemed to inspire a delving into shadow work and hidden traumas, and called for some extra external supports.

I began our session with an eagle-imagery drum journey for connection and clearing. Attention was brought to tightness in the mid-chest, a bit below the heart, largely connected to the ribs, but somewhat in the stomach as well. Then it moved to include some bladder work. I saw many “S” shapes throughout.

I brought in doTERRA’s Island Mint essential oil blend, with attention moving fully to the heart space. I also shifted to a hand drum for a softer heart-opening intention. A shadow energy became apparent and moved out, above the body. Continually shifting and almost sculpting itself, it slowly transmuted and showed a blockage at the Root, and with the mind-body-Earth-connection. Reiki here allowed the flow to restore, then the stuck energies were able to completely disburse downward, into the Earth. (I brought in Patchouli essential oil and rested amethyst on the Heart for this portion.)

I shifted to a restorative phase with a spicy Harvest blend of essential oils, and black tiger’s eye. The previous work seemed to retain some connection to “Ancient” (ancient times, ancient energies, ancient ancestors – it wasn’t clear). This drew attention to the wider aura while clarity and clearing was supported with chimes and Tibetan bowls.

Coming back to focus on the entire altar space I felt restorative support from all the additional crystals – and a sense of completion with these elements as well as the oils, which didn’t call for additional guidance from a card draw. I did a closing sweep for the whole aura, then moved closer to the physical, with attention on the lymphatic system, before sealing the energies and the session.

As always the intention to allow the Reiki to be with all participants for their continued healing, for as long as possible, and for the highest good.

Blessings and peace,

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