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Flutters & Flurries of Change

This post is for my 07/23/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Today’s session once again overlaps with a moon transition, as the Full Moon peaks at 7:36 PM Pacific Time this evening. Going into the session I was feeling some energy of death and transition, and tension. I think this perhaps is related to this moon in Aquarius and the action cycle that follows.

We’ve been doing more in the summer months overall, and have had some energy to 'be' and reflect from this last New Moon, so the potency of death and change may be palpable today. In preparation I applied the Past Tense essential oil blend by doTERRA to the back of the neck and shoulders, for plant medicine assistance in releasing any tension with new Reiki Energy integration.

I doubled up on incense since I would be outdoors for the session, with one White Sage stick and one Dragons Blood stick.

In opening to the Universe I asked for assistance, for ease and clarity in transitions. As well as peace and comfort in navigating the potent Full Moon energies and emotions.

It took some time to really connect in and create energetic rapport at the start of today’s session. I was sending Reiki to the headspace as well as into the shoulders, with awareness at this tension, and felt to stay here for several minutes - just openly sending to allow participants to balance and relax into the space.

Hummingbirds were very vocal and playful for today’s preparation and session, many times with two or three dancing around together and investigating the space, then chirping discussions from afar.

I drew a card for group guidance from Sandra Anne Taylor’s "Energy Oracle Cards" deck: #24 ADJACENT POSSIBILITIES. (Full card description and close up picture below - isn’t there a beautiful color overlap with the altar?)

After the card draw some pain came in at the back of the lower ribs, as well as the front of the inner hips. Adjusting my attention and sending Reiki to these areas I felt they were being showered in orange and golden light.

With my eyes closed another flurry of surround-sound chirping and the humming of wings brought to mind an image of a Reiki Globe, which I held between my palms -like an etheric snowball- and brought it to the space in front of the Sacral chakra. This sets my left hand, wrist and bicep twitching, which sometimes occurs for me with strong energy flows, so I held here for a while.

...And then the image from the ADJACENT POSSIBILITIES card came to mind and the thought of empowering the Sacral - opening our creativity so we can see all the unexpected and unimagined doorways before us.

This sent a wave of energy up the left arm and to the left throat where it stayed with a persisting vibration.

I grabbed howlite from the altar, holding it in both hands, and felt a trembling in the front of the throat, a sense of grief or fear of change holding here. (The howlite is shadowed in the above altar picture, but it's on the top, to the right of the hamsa hand.)

The sensation lengthened and flowed down -thick like honey- through the heart and into the gut. Fluttering then calming, fluttering then calming. While the fear and hesitation remained, there was also an awareness of anticipation and excitement.

At first the message, "What do you need to prepare?" But quickly cut off by, "It doesn’t matter! You are ready. You don’t need to know it all and plan it all right now."

That idea brought another strong fluttery wave of worry so I held Reiki at the stomach and gut. Opening to possibilities.

The 3rd Eye connected in with the joy of imagining, the playfulness of experimenting. Along with this grounding waves of red light came in through the Crown and connected into the Earth, balancing the whole system for this integration.

I called on Reiki Energies and Divine support to hold these frequencies and assist these transitions for all of us in the coming days and weeks. Then brushed and cleared our energetic auras to assist in releasing anything that no longer serves.

Donations lovingly accepted here.

Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Many Unconsidered Options


Sometimes the force of habit keeps you stuck and unaware of potentially healthier and happier choices at hand. Yet every moment gives you the option to open a different door and take a different course – whether it’s in your thoughts, behaviors, or major life decisions.

Unlike the Indecision card, which indicates confusion and vacillation about which course to take, the Adjacent Possibilities card is here to tell you that you have many options, and it’s time to take a wider look at things. As you consider the many life choices available, you’ll feel more and more empowered and motivated to make the decisions that bring happiness, strength, and forward motion.

In terms of your goals, this card could indicate unknown and previously unconsidered ideas. Perhaps there’s a marketing tool that you haven’t thought of, a connection you haven’t tapped, or even an entirely different direction that would be more suited to you. Be conscious, be aware, and be flexible and willing to take new and different action now.

AFFIRMATION: I am open and willing to take my life in new directions. I am becoming more aware of my many options for harmony and optimism in my thoughts and in all my choices each day.

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