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Fresh Magic Emerging

This post is for my 06/23/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Setting up the altar I began the chant, “The Root, The Heart, and Shadow Work”

The feather you see in the top left of these pictures was hanging on the wall above when I set up today’s altar. At the end of the session I came back with our card and found it had fallen into place, requesting to be included. The stone it landed on was the last I placed!

I began connecting with the imagery of Light pouring in and fountaining out.

As our energies joined I instantly felt tightening in the right throat, and held here with the fountains flowing for some time. Within this space the pull was connected into the right ear, as well as lightly into the right shoulder.

With time, and watching the energy encompass the full body and aura, a new pain and tightness was apparent at the left mid-to-low spine. It was deep and branching, feeling to be within the bones and connected to nerves.

Then the entire digestive system came into focus, save the small and large intestine. It held Reiki alone, appearing to separate out from and above the body. The colon and all parts above the intestines in clear form, asking for Reiki as an integrated unit.

Earlier I applied kumquat essential oil on the inner forearms, but throughout the session there was a strong smell of pine. Though I was near pine trees it was incredibly intense and persistent, yet shifting in waves of sap vs needles vs bark. With these smells I kept recentering the energy with the power of nature. I was also reminded of the altar mantra, “The Root, The Heart, and Shadow Work” Letting the light shine in not only from above, but bringing in the grounding Universal fire-light of the Earth’s core. Weaving the column of light from above with light from below, to invite the true balance of both the physical and spiritual realms into the Heart. Both front and back; both dark and light.

Occasionally, with smaller groups, and when the signals and sensations from the energy and collective consciousness allow lulls between observation, I am drawn to spend focused time on each individual recipient. Today I was able to connect separately with each participant for a couple minutes - for a more focused Reiki sending. At the end of the session I re-circled into the collective to do a group card draw, along with a final sweep and sealing.

For guidance about this session, as well as energetic support in the weeks moving forward, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, we received: #53 MAGICIAN AND THE MIRROR. The card came to me upright in my perspective, yet at a downward angle that would appear inverted to an outside observer. (It flipped out of the deck on my final ‘cut’ and landed against my leg.) Given this, I’m including both the upright and reversed descriptions below, with the card image. I encourage reading both interpretations and checking in, to feel which direction more resonates with what you need right now. In either case let this powerful affirmation support you to trust, and be a beacon on your journey.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Knowing and Using Your True Power


This card upright represents the culmination of your personal and spiritual power at this time. In the Magician’s left hand is the flame of passion and action. In his right hand is a vortex of water and the light of reflection. This highly beneficial card is telling you that you are the magician, and within your grasp are the amazing forces of earth and spirit. The water is the energy of yin, the power of spirit and clarity of thought. The flame is the energy of yang, bringing direction and creativity. Together they give you the magnificent magic of transformation. The mirror stands beside the Magician, reflecting the outer world’s response to your choice to use (or dismiss) the true power that you have. Its silver reflection reveals the future in a mist on the horizon, ready to be magically formed! When you receive the Magician upright, you are put on notice that an important and powerful time is at hand. You are the alchemist of your life, and just as an alchemist turns base metals into gold, you are now able to transform your difficulties into great blessings. This is true in every area of your life. Claim your power, and embrace your intentions in your heart and in your daily life. Direct your destiny, and the mist of the future will clear into brilliant reality.


The Magician and the Mirror reversed is warning you that you may be missing a great opportunity. The time is right, but you’re not taking advantage of the creative energy of the cycle. You do have the power to transform things for yourself – and create something new, whether a home, business, family, or life direction. You may be resistant to (or even disbelieving of) the unlimited power you possess, but it’s time to wake up! The misinformation and perceived limitations that linger from the past can no longer sustain you. Your life is the mirror that reflects your inner energy, yet you have the ability to change what you see. You must fully open up to the complete truth of your eternal wisdom, talents, and abilities – and take the risk of believing in yourself. Now is the time to dig deep. Find the confidence and courage within to make the most of this opportune cycle. You have all the resources you need, and the unlimited force of the Universe is at your disposal. It’s waiting for you to recognize and ignite the phenomenal powers that are eternally yours!

AFFIRMATION: I have all the power I need to create the destiny I desire. Magic happens when I live in consciousness and my eternal truth.

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