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Full Body Fluctuations Lend Stability

This post is for my 12/08/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I felt a call to stacking as I made today’s altar for us - mini cairns - as though energies were eager to work together and join for further empowerment.


I connected to each participant, setting an energetic rapport, then was called to draw three cards.  Today, the intention was for the first card to guide for the existing energies, and offer clarity to the start of the session.  The second card would be for guidance and focus within the session.  And the final card would be guidance for after the session, to be taken into the coming days and weeks.


We received #39 FIFTH CHAKRA, ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: Self-Expression, and Speaking Your Truth, reversed; #35 FIRST CHAKRA, ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Stability and Security, reversed; and #4 HAPPY FAMILY: Closeness, Fun, and Caring, upright (images and full descriptions all below).

With awareness of existing issues presenting around the Throat, I began with the middle (for in-session card), and started Reiki treatment at the Root.  I was specifically drawn to the ‘stability’ portion of this card, and moved my hands to the thighs – centering in on the connection to stability here.  During which the right temple began tingling.


After some time, while still holding attention at the Root, I moved my hands to the Throat, hoping to tie in support and connection to the initial card for this area and chakra.  With time this enlightened some energy at the left wrist.  I began calling in Archangel Michael and energy quickly came into both inner ears.  With time the left ear started building up pressure as well.


I moved awareness outward to assess the whole body, then cupped my hands in front of me.  Holding like this I moved through different places all around the body while I requested continuing assistance from Archangel Michael, as well as from Archangel Gabriel for the first card.  I also was inspired to request Archangel Raphael at this time.  The trio joined together in a triangle that seemed to beam energy within my cupped hands as they moved around where needed for absorption.


After this work I moved into treating each Chakra in turn, starting at the Crown.  Working with the upper chakras there was a sense of ‘turning on’, or flipping switches and reinvigorating connections.  Almost appearing like light nodes of activation firing in the brain, re-joining and pulsing through flows of energy and connections.  As I got into the Heart area and lower, these images became more like pressure valves.  A great deal of balancing took place as the Chakras were attended to, with the body turning on alternating periods of energetic increases, then releases (the pressure valve opening), to find the right balance in all areas – and at all levels.


When I arrived once again at the Root there was still a call to focus on stability, but now at the ankles and feet.  I imagined an orb of red light encircling them while holding Reiki.  With time I was moved to fold the legs, so ankles and feet were tucked beneath the pelvis, and now one ball of light held all together including the base physical location of the Root chakra.  After a few minutes here there was a great sense of ‘freeing’.


Lastly, I reconnected with the altar, placing the cards, then with a final act of clearing, sweeping, and flushing, I closed this session.


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Today's Cards

all from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck



Self-Expression, and Speaking Your Truth


   This card reversed often indicates significant blocks in the throat center. Something in your history may have caused you to shut down, but it’s important now to break through that unhealthy pattern. Or you may currently be in a situation where the sharing of your ideas, opinions, or feelings is being thwarted.   In addition to the fear of self-expression, this card reversed could indicate physical throat problems – as all of the chakra cards reversed may signal difficulties in that area of the body. The physical trouble may be connected to the blocked energy in that chakra, so it’s all the more important to work on clearing the energy in the center involved.   To clear the throat chakra, call upon Gabriel and meditate on his power blasting through any blocks. See your throat center spinning in a beautiful blue light. Muster up the courage to speak your truth to yourself and to those around you. It’s time to let go of any old fear of confrontation – and stand up for yourself from now on.

Affirmation:   My throat chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state, spinning with the beautiful energy of freedom and self-empowerment. I am free to express myself in every way. 


Stability and Security



When this card shows up in a reversed position, you may be facing some significant challenges, and even some very difficult emotions. The energy in your first chakra may be blocked, revealing potential fears about your safety, feelings of insecurity, or even depression. This blocked energy could also signal financial worry or desperation.   Issues of instability can shake you to your very core, so it’s going to be important to get the energy moving freely through this chakra once again. Call upon Michael for assistance and visualize his light and power filling this area and bringing you a greater sense of your own true strength and eternal stability. Meditate on the affirmation below and feel your sense of safety and balance return.

Affirmation:   My first chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state. I am strong, stable, safe, and secure. The archangel Michael guides and supports me always.


Closeness, Fun, and Caring


   The rainbow over this happy family portends a time of joy and celebration. Close connections are available, so don’t overlook the fun and frivolity that a friend or family experience can bring. The value that you find in a truly loving relative or friend brings a higher vibration to your life force. You may be distracted or busy, but remember to put this part of your life in the forefront of your priorities.   If you’re single, finding this in your spread, could indicate the potential meeting (and perhaps relationship) with someone who has children from a previous marriage. This ready-made family might bring some challenges, but it could be your destiny in this lifetime.   This card may also simply signify a celebration, such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday birthday party. Enjoy!

Affirmation:   I open myself to a new and deeper experience of family, and I am ready to see greater happiness there. I know that I am the loving family that I need.

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