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Full Moon 3-Card Draw

Welcome to the first Full Moon of 2021! This January full moon is called the Wolf Moon, and is in Leo. The full moon represents completion, and coming into our visions, intuitions and manifestations of this moon cycle. As we embody this fullness we in turn move into a period of releasing, letting go, and reflection.

I drew three cards for this full moon, empowering them with Reiki and asking them to take on the power of this moon in helping us over the coming weeks. Their message is intended to offer guidance and support. You can read the descriptions below to see what resonates and is helpful for you, and know that simply in reading this you are receiving Reiki Energy for your highest good.

All three cards are from the "Archangel Power Tarot Cards" deck by Radleigh Valentine:

First - THREE of GABRIEL -

- You’ve made some good choices, and now your ship is coming in! As you wait for it to dock, it’s an excellent time to consider your next steps. Long-term planning is a good idea. What is your next adventure? What actions are required in order to make that endeavor a reality? You may need to travel for business purposes. Review your options while you keep your enthusiasm high.

- The work you’ve done so far will yield fantastic results, so there’s no need to worry! If it takes a little while for you to get a return on your financial or energetic investment, just have patience.

Additional meanings of this card: Self-confidence. Teamwork. Optimism. An expected outcome.

Second - #18 THE MOON - Archangel Haniel -

- It’s time to review your plans! Something just isn’t quite right, and your angels and guides are lovingly bringing this to your attention. The great news is that you’re psychic and intuitive abilities are heightened right now. Listen to your intuition and you’re sleeping dreams for guidance as to how to make revisions. Archangel Haniel can help you develop your psychic gifts and show you what aspects of the situation you’re missing.

- It’s human to have moments when you feel worried or uncertain. This card is meant to reassure you that by facing your fears, you can overcome them and evolve to a higher level. Ask Archangel Haniel to shed light on all facets of your life.

Additional meanings of this card: Messages from deceased loved ones. Hidden information or motivations. Facing your fears.

Archangel Haniel is a wonderful angel to call upon when you have questions about the subconscious or your sleeping dreams. She is associated with the moon and the development of peoples intuition and psychic abilities. Call upon Haniel for help in understanding situations that seem mysterious or difficult to see clearly.

Third - PAGE of ARIEL -

- Situations: An excellent opportunity will be offered to you! Educational interest should be pursued, and scholarships are likely. Advice you can count on and solid solutions to your concern will be offered. You may adopt a new interest or passion. Time to get to work!

- People: A youth who loves to learn and enjoys academic challenges. Someone who is happy to be alive and can see endless possibilities. Reliable. Clever. Insightful. Balanced.

Additional meanings of this card: Getting more education or training. Ending procrastination. Pursuing a new challenge.

I hope these insights are beneficial, and I lovingly send you Reiki for all your greatest transformation and healing over this next moon cycle. In Grace!

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