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Healing Heart & Household

This post is for my 10/29/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I started with lime essential oil behind the ears and at the 3rd Eye.

As I connected there was a peaceful and loving essence, the pure Sharing of Light. It radiated all around and expanded freely, well beyond space and any awareness of distance. With time I noticed small barriers in the space. Not a full block, more of a diversion… a pebble in the pond that stopped the flow enough to redirect it outward. These mini-blocks seemed to represent beliefs around vulnerability and the ability to open freely. One felt like a recent experience of entering a situation fully open, only to be shocked and wounded, while others were about general protections – often conscious, by choice, some carried at all times in preparation.

I stayed within the light, observing the peaceful loving essence, and it’s ability to work with, around, and beyond these blocks of choice, or chance, or circumstance.

Settling into the body there was pressure on the left front hip. Heavy, but not uncomfortable. I moved attention and energy here for a bit.

Widening the senses a greater conflict came forefront. It felt to be about boundaries, and the energetic world around us: Three parts of a household at war – red, orange, and purple – could be relationships, could be energetic, could be general elements of function. These three colorful aspects also showed up as types of birds, black in silhouette against their colored auras. The emotional impact was of potent disagreement. It is easy to focus on differences, making things tense… but the new knowledge presented was that these differences are part of how each element functions, and can work in tandem. Looking beyond to the bigger picture can bring harmony. Coming together rather than pushing at the edges, pushing against the walls, trying to escape the situation. I held energy for clearing here.

Next, I put some bergamot essential oil on the arches of my feet, then physically and emotionally connected to the ground. I invited Mother Earth energy up through these sole chakras and connected it in with Reiki at the Root. The combination continued to intertwine upward, connecting and balancing at each chakra. A quick clearing jolted free at the Sacral, while the Solar Plexus was a little stagnant and took a couple minutes to flow freely.

A lot of emotion was held around the Heart. A heaviness that grew up and engulfed the top half of the body. It felt perforated and reminded me of the barriers blocking the free light flow I envisioned when first connecting today. But – this was the opposite, more solid blocks, with just bits of light flowing. I brought back that earlier image of peaceful open light connection and overlapped the two, hoping the Reiki connection and positive messages of vulnerability would help heal these emotional Heart blockages.

As we share from our Hearts, we must too let the light in.

The overall density lightened, with the remaining weight coming to the front of the chest. I brought awareness back to the intertwined Earth & Reiki energies moving up the central column, and followed these through the remaining chakras.

A card, in closing, for the coming week: from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #52 GODDESS OF THE MOON - Intuition, Going Within, reversed (full description below).

Please enjoy these energies and messages, trusting your higher self and your physical body know the best way to process and integrate them. Hydrate, rest, and have faith.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Intuition, Going Within


This card reversed reveals blocked intuition, an inner disconnect, or a sense of living in the dark. You have a deep desire to know your purpose and truth, but they can feel very distant. This is a message of dissatisfaction where your inner life is concerned. It’s possible that extreme worry and discontent are the obstacles to the inner peace and wisdom you seek. If so, you need to let that go and renew your faith in yourself and your eternal spirit. Get out of your own way and release the fear that’s blocking the truth of your blessed, eternal nature. Your soul, your higher self, knows you best, so allow stillness into your life. Listen to the stirring of your own intuitive voice and trust what you receive!

AFFIRMATION: I have a strong intuitive voice. I freely receive guidance, and I understand and trust the messages I receive.

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