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Heart-Led Preparations

This post is for my 05/05/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

As with changing the time for today’s session I took the opportunity to try some other new things as well. I set up our altar after writing down the names of all participants (hence inviting their full connection), and also drew a starter card as an energetic focus for this session. From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #21 STRATEGY, upright (image and full description below) and I specifically tuned in to a portion of the affirmation that grabbed me, “I am flexible, persistent, and prepared.”

From here, inviting in Reiki energy, I saw cosmic wavy distortions in the energy field – they seemed to be represented in the aura, about 12-18” from the physical body. They were beautiful and alluring. With this came throbbing all across the surface of the back and into the back of the upper arms. An energetic presence pushing forward, perhaps.

“I am flexible, persistent, and prepared.” This further lit up the ears, front of the throat and soles of the feet. With the back sensations maintaining.

Focusing on the breath it became very cooling and followed an arc from the outer shoulders down the back of the central column and out through the feet. The shape flashed like tracing angel wings at rest.

As this flow brought grounding and settling I started feeling a building energy around the lower three chakras – healing and restoring. “I am flexible, persistent, and prepared.”

There may be a need to bring in some extra thinking to form and act on a strategy, but tempered in a nurturing and compassionate way. Become the observer of your thoughts before fully strategizing to keep an eye out for ego-driven motivations and decisions, while allowing nature and your breath to bring you back to center, where you can listen to your heart-voice.

Holding the Heart to strengthen this support I also felt the Solar-Plexus calling for some Reiki. I held both together while reciting today’s mantra, “I am flexible, persistent, and prepared.” My hands heated and the aura became very cold.

Expanding to the aura there felt to be some old block related to the Heart Chakra and matters of the heart more generally. A separation or longing. The guidance in clearing this seemed to be a reminder that this is a pattern or belief from a situation in the past, and it no longer needs to be an attachment. Perhaps guarding or learned expectations are holding back your trust in planning and moving forward. Once again let observation guide you as you breathe through the Heart and notice where you may be feeling stuck.

Moving the breath in to the Heart I imagined a green ball of energy growing as it filled with Reiki, moving outward to fill the aura space. The left stayed cool while the right quickly warmed.

While lightly retaining the green-Heart imagery I dropped all other thought and simply noticed. I could feel a dividing line, just about ½ and inch left of center. Some head pressure and jaw tension moved through the left side. Red energies came in through the Crown. My attention drifted through many energies and layers as the dividing line slowly softened. The heart quickened for a few minutes as balance was restored, and then a downward wave of calm moved through the body.

I rechecked outward and swept down the aura, then closed the connection while requesting Reiki assist all for the highest good in the coming days and weeks. May Peace be with you.

A quick note about temperatures, because we are all unique, and I consider no sensation to be “bad”: While “Reiki Hands” often get warm in the flow of energy, for recipients I find often cool sensations are related to new energy coming in, while warm sensations may be from an excess of energy which is releasing out. This is a light idea of a guideline that is not true for all, but can give some context, yet let your own experience guide you. I encourage addressing all sensations with curiosity and an open mind, and seeing what emotions, imagery or memories are inspired as you watch them.

Donations accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.

Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Making a Plan Upright This card shows a pen, journal, compass, and key. When you receive this card upright, it indicates that this is the optimum time for setting up a very specific strategy for achieving your goals.

Write about the direction you want to go in. Consider any potential change in course that may be needed. Be aware of the particulars regarding your goals and have some conscious plan in mind. Structure the short-term goals needed to make your long-term goal a reality.

This card is telling you to spend some time setting things in order. It’s time to take full control. Add thought to action, and set your sights on the road ahead. Affirmation: I plan the necessary steps to achieve my goals, and I am willing to take action in that direction. I am flexible, persistent, and prepared.

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