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Imperfections in the Plexus

This post is for my 12/22/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

A day of transition as we pass the Winter Solstice. And a mid-count/repetition of 2’s: 

12 22 23



A few impressions came through with the altar setup:  I was called to the pendulum, representing a time of many choices.  I discovered a knot in the chain -which I kept- it seemed to indicate something needs to be unraveled before the choice can be decided clearly.  Raw selenite for clarity, but this is rough and truly raw, directly from the Earth in Arizona – respecting the “dirty” nature of life, and how clarity can still be called within any mess or roughness.  A large carnelian not just for it’s innate properties, but this giant stone has a blemish, a crack, an impact.  Another representation of strength and power among the unordinary and in unexpected places; within discord or destruction.  So many altar aspects today repeated this layered message, and all alerted me to their “less than perfection” after they were chosen.


Immersion.  With the message:  “What we can do when we’re together.”


Holding Reiki I felt like I was working with the idea of clearing and clarification, and it made me think of the last group session’s altar, where there was a lot of stacking.  I saw the contrast and the transition:  at the last we were seeing things working together, stacking them up, building togetherness (ie: “what we can do when together”).  Now, we are seeing the parts in their true form.  Earthly perfection is not free from blemishes, it is about a balance and the variety of internal elements that make a whole.  Finding beauty and the grace in every aspect of these ever-present layers is where we heal and grow.


A mid-session card felt appropriate, before moving into focused chakra and body work; both to support the journey within the session, but also to be carried beyond it.  From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #12 THE TEMPLE PATH: Spiritual Purpose and Support, inverted (image and full description below).  This seems potent at a time of year when the material world may cloud or obscure the spiritual and heart-felt meaning of the time.  On the day when we transition from extended darkness toward more equal light, though there are still colder days ahead.  When the pressures of familial obligations or expectations might outweigh memories about the joy our loved ones bring us.  See if you can allow a pause when you’re inviting the highest good from today’s Reiki energy, to step back and see this moment as one piece of the infinite brickwork along your spiritual path.  Let Spirit fill you with the light and love of Reiki.


Full body scan.  A lot of energy moving through the face, especially jaw and teeth.  Drawn to the Solar Plexus first, which came with some midback pain, just slightly to the right.  A couple flashes of random people biting their nails as they speak (they both did it in turn amid conversation).


Then moving into grounding and the Root chakra there was some low back pain and left side sciatica calling for attention.  Inviting gravity and the Earth here for support.


I was drawn back to the Solar Plexus, while still holding the Root and also incorporating in attention for the Sacral.  (A mini half rainbow.)  A lot of emotion felt for male-to-male-identifying/masculine relationships, also as observed from outside. Bursting to crying after build-up; expression in a feminine way.


Moving outward I felt a finishing focus toward the Third Eye and Throat, so those both got some attention before closing. In this time another message: If you see conflict, then what aren’t you seeing?  If the mist obscures your vision, then look into the mist itself.



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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck



Spiritual Purpose and Support


   Receiving this card reversed as a sign that you may have fallen off your path. You could be too focused on worldly possessions and material gain, or you may simply be maintaining old, unhealthy habits of fear, limitation, worry, or doubt.

   Whatever is distracting you, receiving this card reversed is a firm message that it’s time to make your spiritual life and evolution a much higher priority. Not doing so represents an important loss of power! So clear your mind, meditate, and open up to the presence of spirit.

   Whatever else you may have going on, consider this an important part of your personal and tactical plans. The support and inspiration of all eternity and countless loving spirits are available to you. Not turning to them is like cursing the dark when you refuse to turn on the lights.

AFFIRMATION: I open my heart to my spiritual truth and a deeper connection with spirit. Guidance and inspiration come freely and easily to me.

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