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In Tune with Higher Aid

This post is for my 01/14/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Today’s altar came together a bit simpler than normal, with some large focal pieces holding balance across all the elements and chakras. I began applying doTERRA’s In Tune essential oil blend wide across the chest and on all chakras. I lit some White Sage to clear the space and the energies of all participants, and I got the feeling that the flame itself was as powerful and important as the smoke in today’s ritual.

Feeling need: In first connecting for the session I felt an immense weight of the collective consciousness asking for help right now. A wide call for need. More raw and exposed than usual, in ways feeling vulnerable, but with that comes the virtues of true strength, of being open and ready.

The first several minutes of sharing Reiki felt like a showering down on the blanket of energy that holds us all together. A more general giving of light and love to be interpreted and given through the wisdom of this Universal power.

I began a body scan, but was drawn back to the feeling of need and vulnerability. This feeling can be uncomfortable, but so powerful. I decided to focus Reiki toward each of our connections with our higher self, letting this openness bring with it the trust and the awareness that we are not alone or helpless.

As I focused on these connections I began moving through golden rings amongst a dark, cosmic, and peaceful backdrop.

I began seeing moments of life overlapping in timelessness. Multiple iterations testing ideas and possibilities. A blur of lives and lifetimes, like many flip-books moving at the same time.

I suddenly started to feel quite nauseous and unsettled in the gut. Was this a reflection of discordance between our intentions and actions, given all these possibilities? Was I too far gone into the cosmos of potentiality to manage the constancy in my physical form? (one of the two…)

I took a few minutes to center on the physical body, then moved up to the Soul Star Chakra, above the Crown, which can be a pathway representing our connection to the higher self.

Ease and peace returned quite readily, and I held this space for some time. A growing pulse of purple light radiated at the Soul Star that expanded beat by beat, eventually holding the whole aura. After a while here it moved in waves beyond the individual, and once again I saw the field as an energy blanket over all humanity, which was being pulsed and held in this comforting light.

Moments later I dropped into a body scan and found a lot of energy drawn into tension at the temples. Then I saw energy stretched thin and green at the upper back, appearing like a taffy twirling machine. I brought in Himalayan salt to clear what felt like an over-expansion of either the back muscles themselves, or the back of the Heart Chakra.

Moving down, the Solar Plexus felt shrunken and a little stagnant, so that space received Reiki, then at the Sacral a wide tearing sensation. It was like dualities at war, fighting to survive… needing to divide but sharing out a great deal of discomfort in this transition.

I wrapped up at the Root and going down into the legs. Grounding through the feet into Mother Earth and then inviting her to nourish you all. Then, in final closing, I drew a card to provide guidance over the next week: we received, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, #19 REST AND REJUVINATION, upright (picture and full description provided below). A lovely reassurance that now is the time to give yourself a break. Consider allowing some extra reflection in this downtime, and open communication with your body – not as a forced gesture or work, rather a gentle “hello” and check-in, to share kindness and support with yourself. Hold a hand on a part of your body, or on the surface above an organ and say, “Hello <Heart, thigh, nose…>, I thank you.” Breath there for a moment, and perhaps smile, acknowledging all this part does for you, with or without your awareness.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Relaxation and Meditation


This card shows a man in a meditative and tranquil state. The message here is that it’s time to relax! You may have been busy lately, but you should soon be finding more time to just let go. When you do, allow yourself to go within and open up to the peace and wisdom that are vibrating there.

This card upright indicates that there should be more leisure time for you now - and more of an opportunity to engage in peaceful thinking. So make it a priority! Your connection to Spirit brings great assistance, but it can only be achieved through regular relaxation and meditation. Now is a great time to make sure you insert this gentle activity into your daily life. In many ways, this is far more productive than unceasing action.

Affirmation: I make relaxation part of my daily life. Peace and quiet bring me clarity and joy.

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