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This post is for my 06/04/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I found today's energies came through more verbose than usual. I started getting ready with a strong pull toward Solar Plexus awareness: a focus on self-support and self-trust building. Attention and assistance with any inner child clearing/loving work. There was a second strong awareness of Earth energies coming up as well, looking to support us further at the Root (not yet being fully accepted).

I had a double-Nag Champa incense event, where I started a stick but missed snuffing the flame, so turning back after a few bowls chimes I found the majority had burned away in mere moments. Another was started for the session, perhaps a lesson in duality - - or perceived features along our personal paths.

Many yellow, red, and orange colors graced the energy flows, keeping on this theme of lower chakral support.

I felt this was also a time to be sending Reiki beyond our physical bodies – a bubble of support to the entities and spaces around us. Allowing us to flow in beautiful harmony while interacting with our world.

Reiki came through for all, for the hour, in this shared-space intention as well, while some jumbling, bumbling messages popped in and out. Some lingered and inter-mingled. I only took light notes, so I'm recapping from memory, trusting the 'ah-ha's will come back through this posting for those who need them.

Focusing on the greater space, and sharing Reiki beyond our direct auras, to grace our presence and those all around, I drew today's card from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck: #16 PATIENCE: Peaceful Presence, Letting Go of Desperation. (full card description below) It made me think of the inchworm: while the world is zooming by, noticing our own pace- and being okay with that. Avoiding the subconscious urges to be rushed by others. Paying attention to our own needs and feelings as we slowly advance.

An idea came through – it felt more like a moral from a fable than a direct message:

Some beings do not mind if they have a hair in their eye, or a smudge on their face. It’s not about judgment, or even striving to be this way, simply about noticing. Acknowledging this alternative way of being, and accepting all the possibilities. If something brings you discomfort, perhaps ask yourself why? Is there another way of being in this state that you could be comfortable with? Is it sensation, or thought, or both?

Does patience (urgency) play in here too?

Sage Advice

The term 'sage advice' struck me, almost feeling comical now, looking back. It circled into the thought of supporting our selves, and our self-respect, -trust, -confidence. My right hand went to my Third Eye, and my left hand just to the right of my Solar Plexus. There may be a million quotes of the day, but only one that fits for you. Falling into this notion that you can take what you need, right now, and leave everything else. Just because it comes through me in a session doesn't mean it works for you, in this 'now'. How does it feel in your body? A response in any direction can be helpful, if you trust yourself. The spark of a message from Source will shine in the darkest night, in the harshest wind, in the heaviest rain - it will shine through all and grace us in perfect timing. Letting go of attachment to all outcomes - needs, wants, desires - being 'okay' in the now... the discomfort or the smudges. Knowing time will pass and we all grow; each moment temporary and unique.

So, beyond all, trust yourself. Breathe deep when you need to reset. Reiki was shared lovingly all throughout this mind-wandering guidance and awareness, intended for the highest good of all those who asked to participate. A little funky in how I receive other awareness today, yet welcome all the same. I am patient in and open to accepting new possibilities! ;)

Donations lovingly accepted here.

Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Peaceful Presence, Letting Go of Desperation


This card shows a beautiful angel holding a clock in the stillness of winter. Her quiet, peaceful energy is telling you that it's time to release the old urgency and to look at things with a much clearer perspective.

When this card is upright, it's telling you to relax and let go of the single-minded desperation that's been driving you. Don't try to force your will on only one option. When you think there's one solution to satisfy your need or to make you happy you are blocking many other potential solutions from coming your way. Let go of the anxiety and be flexible! Be patient, open and creative. Choose to be peaceful in the present. The Universe has more options than you may be aware of. Quiet your mind, broaden your perspective, and let them come through.

AFFIRMATION: I pursue my goals with open receptivity. I am patient and flexible, willing to receive in many surprising and imaginative ways.

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