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Inspiring Darkness

This post is for my 01/29/21 Group Distance Reiki Session notes.

If you are reading this at any time know the energy is perfect for you.

As I started the session there was a feeling of holding on. A grasping of ideas or beliefs that no longer serve us, but that are being held for fear of change. So much tension in a slipping grip; we want to feel safe in letting go. I called in Reiki and felt a soft release, like blossoming petals.

Then I brought in Mother Gaia for her supportive energies of stability and grounding, to further release the sense of fear around this desire to hold on. This became a cosmic ball of earth energies moving through and then surrounding us in the safety of our natural states.

With this glow and flow, tuning in deeper, there was an air of darkness for many of us -like a dark cave- uncomfortable and confusing not because of it's inherent darkness, but rather that it seemed unexpected and unexplained... and overwhelming. There was uncertainty and a desire to understand, distracting from a small flickering in the periphery. Bringing awareness to this tiny spark showed it was the essence of Hope and Potential. Asking for Trust. A gentle call came from this light for support, nurturing and patience. This flicker in the darkness led me to draw a card:

From Diana Cooper's Angels of Light deck I pulled "Abundance". This spoke the spark's message of Universal Potential & Worth, and the necessity of Trust & Hope (full card description below). -Perhaps this also speaks to the grasping of old beliefs.- I focused on sharing the card's message while sending Reiki to all of us, in this continuing vision of the darkness with a lone, faint light.

As I moved into a full body treatment, rather than focus on individual chakras I felt a pyramid of energies settling over our etheric bodies, sharing Reiki from each base point, at the feet, crown, left and right palms, and cascading the energy connection back up through the top of the pyramid into the infinite Universe & Source. This felt potent and complete in sharing Reiki to our physical bodies, our auras and with our highest selves.


- It is time for your life to flow with prosperity, love and success.

- You draw from the limitless Universal pool according to your belief in how much you deserve. Angel wisdom is reminding you now to believe in yourself and trust that you deserve more. Then you will attract abundance and the true riches of life.

- To feel surrounded by love, open your heart to others.

- Choose to do what fulfils you most and the angels will bring you joy, satisfaction and success.

- Enhance your prosperity by receiving graciously, giving out willingly, and saying thank-you for everything. Enjoy all you have and more will come to you.

Affirmation: I deserve love, prosperity and success.

~Today I used frankincense essential oil on all the chakras, then later used lavender on the temples, third eye and heart. I also used palo santo and white sage clearing and smudging.

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