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Intertwining Vines of Symbiosis

This post is for my 03/10/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Drawn in setup to the Heart and the Root.

Connecting to all I saw a giant tree, with many vines climbing the trunk – and our spirits were each a vine, intertwined and working with this beautiful tree energy, crawling upward to Source.

Holding at the Heart for some time, just open and balancing. The idea that for some there is a broken heart at play, or more generally a loss of faith or trust. Rebounding from a feeling of being shaken to the core, and working on mending or adjusting.

This may be tied to a lost sense of community. I held at the Heart-space with an intention of compassion and trust. Perhaps envision yourself as a vine on the tree, twisting among others, those both like and unlike yourself. All overlapping, defined separately and part of one another, while also part of a much greater whole. When the big picture of our connectedness is blurred or even impossible to see, we can find some bit and inkling of ourselves as a part of humanity, and part of the shared ecosystem of Earth. Then use that awareness with gratitude (for things like breath and sensation) to open a peephole that gradually can bring us into the bigger picture once again.

I moved into the Sacral Chakra, noticing the envy may be blocking this energy center’s balance and flow. Holding Reiki here while tying back into the Heart to repair a sense of communal support, allowing this dissatisfaction to fade in the light of true Love.

Security here and at the Root may also be tested now in the perception of financial concerns, but these feels to be largely fear-based and of a loss mindset, while a rational step back and review may bring ease.

Moving to the Throat there seems to be a collective imbalance, asking for attention. I brought in a wide, crystal turquoise light to embrace these needs, which feel like they may require long-term attention. Allow yourself to envision this gorgeous crystal light radiating around your Throat and into your whole being and aura. Trust that imagining and breathing this in for just for a few seconds -or a minute- is a nurturing step toward full balance.

I was feeling strong Angelic support all throughout, and a request from them to share they offer continuing assistance. If you’re comfortable, invite the Angels to provide whatever you need and to ease your burdens.

In closing I asked for their guidance along with the wisdom of Reiki to support us in a card draw for enlightenment in the coming weeks. We received #8 INDECISION, upright from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck (image and description below). While it may feel disheartening, periods of indecision can be great teachers. Knowing you’re in a place of uncertainty, allowing and being prepared for it, can greatly ease frustrations while opening one to gratitude and self-compassion. Try stepping back and trusting yourself, releasing yourself from any forced decisions. Let the light shine on looking at things from a wider angle and considering outside possibilities before making commitments.

Donations gratefully accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.


Which Choice to Make?


This card marks the presence of two (or more) possible choices in your life. It shows you anxiously looking at two roads, wondering which would be the better choice. Yet you are standing still, feeling confused by the up-and-down emotions of your present indecision.

You could spend days, months, or even years in this back-and-forth energy – all the while, feeling your focus and your life force energy draining away. This indecision creates a paralysis of will, one that can keep you stuck while you’re waiting to be certain about the results of your choice.

It’s time to let go of the analysis and self-doubt that have been keeping you stuck. Meditate on your options and see where your spirit guides you. Consider which direction resonates with you most – both in the process and in the goal. Follow your heart and make the honoring choice.

Affirmation: I release fear and move forward with courage and trust. I have the power to direct my own destiny - now, and always.

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