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Invite Serenity

This post is for my 1/26/24 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Balance and Purify.  These were the goals – the focus – that came during setup.


While these may be normal and often common intentions for any healing request or energy session, the feeling today was more of an active communion around these ideas.



Bringing in wonder.


Stabilizing the flow state.


We have a natural buoyance of spirit, which may feel largely dormant this time of year, yet it was what I was tuned into for the ‘Balancing’ phase of this session.  It felt very potent and receptive, even in this darker and slower season of more apparent inertia.


Balancing energies of the Crown to the Root (top-to-bottom), then for the middle chakras, balancing each front-to-back.


Now on to Purify: today meaning less about removing/disregarding/taking out, and more about clarity.


Releasing desire




Side looks




In the Purification and Clarity phase the energies felt to keep drifting right.  It brough in the earlier balancing intentions to find a way to recenter; a necessity for clarity to be obtained right now.


The right side desired to fall back, with the left persistent and pushing forward.  Holding tension; even aggression.


I felt an internal rejection on the right.  I circled back to a full focus on balancing, but now as right-to-left.  There was some distrust to work through, especially on the right lower ribs and/or stomach. The message “hearts are broken every day”. Not so much the surprise in that as an eternal truth, but a bit of grace in knowing this is part of the human condition… the comfort we may sometimes find in knowing every being goes through this.  Every being has had or will have an experience like I am having right now.


Enter: Serenity


This brought the energy to center.  Now It could be attended to and transmuted. The feeling (the "being") of serenity came directly through the portal of the belly button. Suddenly deep anchoring and grounding was now possible. A direct confirmation that this is not about denying what is there… it’s not about removal or allowing ignorance – but to be with and accept. To hold and allow all aspects of yourself.  Sitting with the dark will bring in the light. Sitting with the grief will bring in future joy.


These are pieces on a cobblestone path; on a tile wall.  They all need each other.  They must exist together.  They are required in each unique aspect for support.


The energy was still holding and present at the belly buttom… needing more; waiting to be cleared.  It is now fully present and in a state of serenity, but there is a deeper message to be delivered before it will totally release and move on.  Right now the sensing is not about being seen or thought, but needs to be felt.


A card draw, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck:  #27 WALKING AWAY, inverted.  (Card image and full description below.) This card may be the final piece in the guidance for what action is involved to completely release this newly rebalanced and purified stuck energy.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Letting Go, Moving On


   This card reversed signals that you may be feeling very stuck in some present situation or location. There may be a job or a relationship that no longer resonates with you. Yet out of habit, or perhaps fear, you allow yourself to stay when it might be healthier to consider walking away.

   Habits and familiarity are compelling forces, often causing people to ignore their intuition, and even dishonor their genuine feelings. This is a time of honest investigation. Consider all the factors in the present situation. Perhaps the timing isn’t quite right, and there may be some purpose in staying a little while longer. Don’t deceive yourself about your motivations, however. Fear-base decisions don’t often work out in your highest interests.

   You may also be stuck in a long-term personal habit or unhealthy pattern. Be aware that you always have the option – and the responsibility – to let go of any thought or behavior that no longer honors you. Whenever you walk away from negativity, you always move toward greater happiness.

Affirmation:  It is safe and comfortable for me to move on. I consider all my options and then take action on my own behalf.

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