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July's Full Moon in Aquarius

The evening of July 23rd at 7:36pm Pacific Time and 10:36pm Eastern we'll be feeling the peak of the Full Moon. Also referred to as the Buck Moon, for the growing antlers that annually grow to grace male deer in July, this moon is in Aquarius - and, fun fact - our next Full Moon on August 22nd will also be in Aquarius!

The July Full Moon is all about abundance and passionate growth. This time of year has us experiencing much more light than dark in the Northern Hemisphere. These watery, emotional energies of the Full Moon come amongst warm-to-hot days often filled with extra events and activities as we may lean toward filling this extended light.

Let this summery motivation drive you forward in focus and momentum now. Tune into the Aquarian vibes of collaborative creation, while highlighting individuality, and feel into where you can nourish and give toward community progress. With passion and leadership strong traits behind the July Full Moon this is a great time to really soar by using your imagination to dream big and act over the next two weeks. What is asking for attention, or asking to be completed in your life?

For these Moon Energies I sat in ceremony and asked for guidance with a three-card draw. Sharing Reiki with the collective and all those open to receive, I requested the cards be infused, and to share this energy, helping us on these paths of action. Before reading on you may wish to think of a question you'd like to ask, or a topic on which you're looking for assistance. Otherwise, perhaps consider what came to mind when you read, "What is asking for attention, or asking to be completed?"

Today's cards are all from Radleigh Valentine's "Archangel Power Tarot Cards" deck and came up ask follows:

EIGHT OF MICHAEL, followed by #10 THE WHEEL with Archangel Jeremiel, & lastly QUEEN of RAPHAEL - Kind, Understanding, Giving, Psychic. Together these sing with the energies of the Full Moon and empower us to move forward courageously and effectively now. All vibing with positive momentum and clarity, let these images and descriptions inspire you! You can read the full details of each card below, while I send Reiki Blessings for your personal deciphering of this reading to utilize the Moon's Power!


You can be free! Make a courageous choice to change your situation. Not seeing things clearly.

You can be free! You may feel as though you’re trapped in your situation, but that is an illusion! You have to look past your fears and open your eyes to the opportunities. The ways to freedom may scare you due to a lack of confidence, but you can ask your angels for courage. Soon you’ll find that you’re much stronger than you realized

Commit to changing your circumstances, and then believe in your ability to move forward!

Additional meanings of this card: Lack of confidence in one’s own power. Not seeing things clearly. Self-sabotage.


Archangel Jeremiel

New beginnings. End of delays. A change in direction that offers happiness.

Exciting changes are coming! The wheel spins with the power of life and turns to bring you prosperous new opportunities. If you’ve been finding it difficult to get your plans off the ground, that will change now! Sudden movement forward is likely.

While the idea of change can sometimes be worrying to people, you must trust and know that the Universe wants you to be happy. Unexpected events are meant to point you in a direction that will bring you a more joyful and fulfilling life. If you feel uncertain, ask Archangel Jeremiel to give you a clear understanding of where you’re headed.

Additional meanings of this card: A fresh start. Optimism for the future. Ability to adapt.

Archangel Jeremiel is the angel who can help us see our lives clearly so that we can make assessments about changing circumstances. His name means “mercy of God”, and he assists those wanting to review their past in a kind and forgiving way. Archangel Jeremiel has the ability to inspire great visions of the future. Call upon him to help when you’re seeking inspiration on how to successfully make amazing changes in your life.


Kind, Understanding, Giving, Psychic

Follow your heart! A love of home and family. Trustworthy psychic information.

Situations: Your heart is your greatest strength! Expect relationships with others to develop to a new level. Someone is in the perfect position to help another person understanding his or her own feelings. An immense love of home and family is also in evidence. Any psychic or intuitive information that arises is completely reliable.

People: Someone who is wise and kind. A loving and nurturing person with the ability to solve problems before they occur. Psychic. Spiritual. Understanding. Giving.

Additional meanings of this card: A psychologist. A champion of the underdog. Giving too much. Unconditional love. The need for self-care.

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