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Masculine Water Wonders

This post is for my 05/07/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I started setup today with Super Hit incense and felt a strong pull to adding water in today's ceremony and alter. I included both New Moon and Full Moon waters with the crystals and stones assisting in today's session.

Rain had started pouring down shortly before setup, while the sun was attempting to punch through, and hearing the drops made me imagine them filtering through the many pine needles and layers of branches of so many trees, everywhere...

Then, as I started the session and settled into our collective connection, the wonder and miracle of water-awareness came back. There was a nudging to the importance for our bodies, and hydration, but also an awe of our connection with it on so many other levels across the planet. Gratitude for it's journey from the mountain top to quench our thirst; the unfathomable path and imaginings of where it may have been in vapor-form before dropping dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of feet as rain. A reminder here of our power to honor and connect with our water, and give thanks for the gift it brings our body. Just a few seconds of showing love to our water before ingesting it is a powerful avenue for connection and inviting the healing power it can provide (as sharing any love and gratitude also provide).

Giving thanks for this reminder (all the while sending Reiki to the group) I felt back into the body and saw a giant rolling wooden wheel. It was carved like a totem pole on the circle side, going back and forth, forward and back, about one full rotation each way. A little stagnated, but peaceful and beautiful. Pine trees were in the background which flashed me momentarily to my vision on the trees in the rain.

I grabbed some Douglas Fir essential oil and applied it from forehead down to throat in a line, with the essence of Christmas flooding in. I also started a White Sage incense stick, which sat along side the already 1/2 burned Super Hit (Astrological) incense.

I pulled out my Tongue Drum and played some notes with my right hand, holding Reiki flow with my left (and knowing Reiki also flows with the drum notes, in musical empowerment). I broke from the drum to pull a card from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck, and as sometimes happens unintentionally in group sessions, ended up drawing the card sideways (so I've included both Upright & Reversed interpretations below): #1 THE SUN: New Beginnings and Great Creativity. I went back to the Tongue Drum and in association with the Reversed interpretation I heard the message "connect to something stable". What is steady and assured for you? Find something you have complete faith in to be your anchor as you dive into this blessed transition with creativity.

Connecting with my Reiki hands at the Crown there was purple light and a lot of heat! Holding there a cool energy escaped (which seems like an odd word choice, yet feels right). I moved momentarily to the cheeks, then went back with one hand to the steady Crown energy and connected another hand at the Throat. Tightness on the right neck and jaw, which expanded into the ear, cheeks, teeth. I doubled up my hands at the front of the throat and saw green energy, engulfing the hands and the surrounding space in a buzz, like oven mitts.

There was a weight pushing at the back of the shoulders while holding Reiki here, then as it lifted I moved my hands to the sides of the throat. A brightly glowing white fan of just 3 soft and unprotected blades appeared. It was gently stalling, like it would try to start, then halt to a stop. I was encouraged to send Reiki Breath in light waves to get the fan turning, and it soon started purring of it's own vibrational accord. :)

From here the right lower intestines called in a few places. Not of chakral energy, but definitely innards, with the belly button pulling to the appendix and right kidney. Purple and Blue. Holding energy here for a bit the right toes lit up and started vibrating into the whole bottom of the foot and heel. Very connected and flowing.

Soon the whole right side was vibrating, growing tingly and shivery with new energy. Getting quite cold! Holding attention to the whole body for several minutes with a light energetic sway there grew a balance into flow with the left side. Still, the right seemed to be calling, and where the majority of Reiki was being absorbed.

I held both knees for grounding of all this new energy, then moved to the belly with both hands. The energy became like a soft, pink ribbon. So smooth and warm and gentle, an image of both holding together and honoring the body as a gift.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's 'Energy Oracle Cards' deck


New Beginnings and Great Creativity


The sun brings blessings to the earth, and this card portends blessings in your own life as well. Just as the sun nurtures the earth, bringing new life in the spring and summer, this is your time for a new beginning, the onset of a nurturing, new light in your life – the light of Divine inspiration and personal growth.

This card often marks a time of great creativity, bringing the culmination of an important new project, such as the birth of a baby or the writing of a publication of a book – or even the birth of a new you! Now is the time to put your energy into expressing your truth and vision. Visualize the light of Divine love, pouring into your heart and mind like the rays of the sun, bringing inspiration, growth, and abundant blessings. See the future you want to create and know the sun is shining on your intentions now!


A creative project may be blocked at this time, or you could be feeling your own creativity being stifled in some way. These challenges could be imposed from outer sources or they could actually be coming from within. Are you standing in your own way – stopping self-expression out of fear or self-doubt? If so, it’s time to let go of fear and be willing to take a risk.

The Sun reversed can also indicate a period of time when you find yourself living in the darkness of confusion, lack of direction, or even depression. Reclaim your power and take back emotional control of your life.

Stop focusing on the clouds. Like the sun, the light of your soul shines no matter what difficulty or darkness may be clouding the horizon. Your power and light are always present – able to bring healing and renewal through strong, self-directed choices in any situation – so let go of the doubt, let your creativity come forth, and know that you deserve to shine!

Affirmation: I open my heart and life to the creative inspiration of Divine Love. I choose to create happiness in every new day.

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