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Of Mothers & Bones

This post is for my 04/30/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Setting up I felt a strong mothering energy, and put on some pink pepper essential oil as I put together today's altar.

I spent about 10 minutes outside, soaking in nature's brilliance, before coming inside to start.

The moment I connected there was a deep ache in the back ribs, lower half. I sent Reiki there for several minutes, then it softened into throbbing, moved to tightness in the center spine, then moved out.

Today's session had a variety of untethered visuals, initially of a lone, discarded dry/raw macaroni. I actually first saw this earlier today, but didn't note any symbolism. When it came back during the session I felt drawn to share it, in case it has meaning for one of our participants.

I spent some time drawing in Reiki and using the breath to send it all throughout the body for our group. Coming out of this I found I was holding my right wrist with my left hand, inadvertently sending Reiki there, so I kept with it for a few more minutes.

Seeing dark blue there was another wave of strong motherly and grandmotherly energy - gentle and bundling and nurturing, while playful and stern and determined (knowingly varied by generation and family as to which embodies which energies for you). Also the greater Mother Earth strength and support energies, all her histories and our ancestors. This became images of bones: bone art, bone structures, even "bone light". I found this fascinating and stayed openly curious, while continuing to "watch" without discerning a message or emotional attachment. I then focused on the skeletal system and called my Reiki awareness there, honoring it's support and this new (to me) idea of our bones holding light.

In a warming and motherly earthing gesture I used ginger essential oil from the throat down to the sacral, and drew a card for today. I was drawn to Archangel cards as I asked for wisdom and guidance for our collective. From Radleigh Valentine's 'Archangel Power' Tarot Cards deck we got TWO of MICHAEL: It will all be better if you just make a decision! Overanalyzing a problem. Find a compromise. (full card description below)

I used clearing salt and burned patchouli incense during this session, and closed with juniper berry essential oil on the wrists and heart, with intentions for this Reiki to continue to work within you, for the highest good, over the coming days.

Donations lovingly accepted here.

Today's Card

from Radleigh Valentine's 'Archangel Power' Tarot Cards deck


It will all feel better if you make a choice! You’re struggling with a decision, either over analyzing the situation or hoping it will just go away. Your heart is in conflict with your mind, so you’re avoiding making a choice. This can be exhausting and create unnecessary stress. Trust your ability to make a wise and intuitively sound decision.

A solution is quite possible, but compromise will be necessary. Search for a middle ground. Even a temporary fix will get things moving again.

Additional meanings of this card: Not listening to your inner wisdom. Spinning your wheels. Suppressing your emotions.

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Mario Uribe
Mario Uribe
May 01, 2021

Hi Michele,

Thank you for the Reiki. While receiving Reiki yesterday, a hummingbird visited me and stayed to look at me. The last time it ate and didn't notice me but his time it seemed to come only to make its presence known to me. I sensed it looking at me and then it flew away. The experience generated intense feelings inside and I was happy. The hummingbird reminded me of my mother, Eva. My intuition tells me she is on my guardian angel team. Earlier in the week I was praying for a guardian angel sign and here it is. I'm so blessed.

The card also resonated with me because of a challenge I am currently experiencing. Fretting ove…

Michele DeCamp
Michele DeCamp
May 01, 2021
Replying to

Dear Mario, Thank you so much for sharing your experience! It is so moving and grounding when an animal stops and truly seems to notice us, allowing us to feel that innate earth connection to all living beings. How curious we must be to them! And, I especially feel that with hummingbirds, when they stop to observe me for a few seconds, just hovering so timelessly, yet incomprehensibly fast in their stillness. I’ve had a few people mention a motherly connection with the energies yesterday, which is so lovely – but I’m still waiting to hear if anyone directly connected to the macaroni! 😜 For me, it brought ideas of craft projects: gluing the little pasta bits into a face or…

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