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Pisces New Moon 3-Card Draw

Good Evening & Happy New Moon!

In just a few more hours from the writing of this post we will peak the New Moon in Pisces. You may be (or have been) feeling lightheaded, airy, spacey and romantic in these energies.

This is a time of great changes as we are close to the Equinox and closing out the Astrological Year. Balanced just between the New Moon and Full Moon, this seasonal and Zodiac transition is combined with a variety of bubbling energies. Allow these to flow with inspiration and creativity, thinking big on what intentions your may wish to set for this New Moon cycle.

I set a space for ceremony, calling in Reiki and Universal Guidance, and did a three card draw from Diana Cooper's "Angels of Light" deck, for the highest good in understanding and utilizing these New Moon energies.

Today's first card: ACCEPTANCE

Acceptance means unconditional love. The angels remind you to accept everyone exactly as they are, without judging, blaming or wanting to change them.

When you are totally accepting you bear no malice or enmity towards anyone or anything.

Harmlessness through acceptance is a high state of being and this is a difficult quality for humans to embrace for it is a divine quality. Nevertheless the angels are drawing it to your attention now.

You are also asked to accept yourself. When you truly do so, you feel centred and confident and your divine self is revealed.

AFFIRMATION: I accept myself and others.

Today's second card: CHOICES

When you worry about decisions, it means that your mind is trying to control your life and that results in choices made from your ego.

Your angel guidance is to consider and evaluate all the options then let go of your head and choose from your heart that which gives you greatest joy and feels right.

Do not act from foolish impulse however, rather from divinely prompted inspiration.

Make choices for the highest good. Remember that if something is not for your highest good, it certainly is not for the highest good of those around you. So let go of false feelings of responsibility for others and choose with wisdom.

Become still and attune to your soul. Ask your angels for guidance and help. Then from your point of deep inner stillness make your choices easily and spontaneously.

AFFIRMATION: I choose for my highest good.

Today's third card: CLARITY

Angel wisdom reminds you that a busy cluttered mind is a sick one and a still, clear mind is a divine one.

Allow the wisdom in your heart to radiate out and dissolve the chatter of your mind.

Know that your angel has drawn this to your attention and is waiting to help you in your task.

Sit quietly so that you can find the stillness within. Then you can shine a pure, clear light onto every area of your life.

In the clarity of this light the angels will reveal a new way of being.

You will see things differently and be able to make decisions from strength and clarity.

AFFIRMATION: My mind is quiet, still and clear.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from this reading!

To me these all speak toward our ability to best benefits from this time of transition and significant change. Allowing in "Acceptance", understanding our power of "Choices" and how to get to those that are best for us by using the quiet and still space of "Clarity" that we find deep within.

~Moon Blessings to All!~

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