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Prismatic Rose for the Heart

This post is for my 03/18/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Opening to Full Moon energies and guidance, a strong warmth came to the top left side of the head.

Someone connected has a strong dissatisfaction with life “I don’t want to be doing this…” as they back away to the right, keeping an eye on things they move away from.

A piercing slice down the right chest, that appeared like chopping moist (or rotten) wood. Curling smoke moves away from the center, billowing as if from bellows, out to both sides. Stretching movement back into dormant shoulders and spine.

This brings a little bit of weakness – a hesitation that builds to near-collapse. Exercising spiritual strength from within feels so vulnerable and unfamiliar that it identifies as weakening the heart. This discomfort though, is just like stretching a muscle and like building a new skill. Take it easy and be gentle, but keep a slow progress forward in opening this way, and the unusualness that appears like discomfort will dissipate -and soon- turn into glorious confidence and results.

A lot of Reiki at the Heart Chakra – especially the back, in support here. As I held the back this awareness deepened into healing emotional uncertainty around reaching for what you need. I felt lot of bodily holding onto tension, especially around the back of the ribs, from an unconscious curling into fetal position when recognizing, asking for, and allowing needs.

Envisioning an opening of the shoulders with angel wings invited space for love and light to shower in and through the Heart for healing. A reminder this is an emotional muscle, so slowly flap your shoulders back like your own angel wings, knowing the purity of love and healing power you have flowing through you. Let the opening of your chest remind you of your infinite love.

Warmth came back, this time at the cheekbones, basking in this purity of love. I was encouraged to grab Rose essential oil and a Rose Quartz addition for the altar, holding the scent and crystal in this frequency for several minutes.

Holding the Rose Quartz at the Heart, it acted like a prism, shining rainbow light to nourish the back of the chakra.

Narrowing awareness here, the vertebrae themselves were also asking for attention – some structural bone-on-bone contact or cartilage collapse. Holding with Reiki, some gentle movement of the neck opened the flow for synovial fluid to enliven some physical relief, and this movement also reinvigorated the Rose essential oil.

These layers of sensations around the back of the Heart brought awareness to the ambiguity of this space, an area where even the most-flexible of us have trouble contacting. Ideas of hidden fears and inaccessibility led me to center on this area for today’s card draw. From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received, #2 JOURNEY: Movement, Relocation, Travel, inverted (card image and full description below). Perhaps this portion of the back is acting up as a resistance to being pushed forward, into movement or travel that is unwelcome. Is there a change that you’re potently resisting? So much so that your body is physically moving backward – or holding so tense in solidarity it’s beginning to affect your health? Conversely, closer to the book interpretation, are you feeling stuck or held back, or an outside resistance, from an adventure (or an opening to love) that you had your heart set on?

A lot of energetic movement and awareness happened today, but it felt to be more of a stepping-stone-of-progress session. These openings are likely to require more attention and action to complete the transformation you’re interested in. This felt to be a day of seeing the pieces, and getting insights or inspiration on avenues for progress, while not quite partaking in the full JOURNEY yet. 😉

Donations peacefully accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.

Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor’s ‘Energy Oracle Cards’ deck


Movement, Relocation, Travel


You may desire to move or just get away for a while, but the reverse of this card could indicate a delay – or even a cancellation. Something could be standing in your way, or perhaps lines of communication may get crossed. Don’t let the potential changes upset you. Refocus your energy and be flexible enough to alter your schedule or destination as needed. Remember you can always create new adventures, even in your present location or situation. AFFIRMATION: I am attracting wonderful new adventures to me. My life is a blessing, taking me to new places – inside and out.

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