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Red Stability for the Heart & Beyond

This post is for my 05/13/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

I got the inclination earlier today that this session would involve movement to release: Physical movement to prompt energetic movement. I incorporated movement with breath, knocking, massage, and a lot of swaying all throughout the session.

Starting to connect in with everyone I was drawn to apply some Patchouli essential oil, taking a moment for some deep inhales to fully embody with it.

In preparations I also got the idea of using “color to bless all parts” for this session, which evolved (in ways unexpected) as I put that idea into practice.

To begin, I started working at the Root and envisioning it’s red radiating, then spreading out to shower the internal, and further working outward toward a complete bubbling around the whole being and aura. A crystal came to mind for support here and as I held it I heard “Root & Heart, Root & Heart, Root & Heart”. Looking deeper, this was a call to attention and a need for repair.

A razor edge; a shark fin.

A feeling of separation.

A severed connection; a reaching out and longing.

Let yourself be surprised.

(this repair may be easier than you think…)

Breathing the Root & Heart back together.

The image of a giant red rose hovering over both these chakras. Noticing the colors are inverted, allowing Red in the Heart and Green for the Root. Together with strong imagery: Love & Earth.

Fear at the Root is blocking a completed connection to HOME.

Let the heartbeat fall into the pelvis. Stay with it, instead of tensing and shutting down. And let this constant pulse recalibrate the connection.

The Root opened and expanded, washing out. Then brought some tension to other parts – especially the Throat and shoulders. I invited a wash of red to these areas, as well as the movement of breath attention here, and soon the tension floated to the Crown. Once again, focus with red and breath: “red breath” came to mind, which perverted into “red death” and quickly weighed the tension down, so I brought back a blossoming rose image as “red life” to counter whatever known or unknown old beliefs, emotions, or experiences were blocking the Crown-to-Root connection.

I took a bit of time before closing, moving through the other chakras and associated colors, and allowing those to expand beyond the body, to shine their light on all systems, organs, layers and histories. An overlap and melding of unification for the whole.

Lastly, I drew a card requesting guidance for the energies and coming week: From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #44 WOMAN HOLDING A HEART, upright. (Image and full description below: A bright red heart – how interesting!) Given our session, I feel this may mean some emotional confidence and stability is building for you; an invitation for sharing impressions and ideas to expand in love.

Donations blessedly accepted here, if you’re inspired and able.


Female Dealing with Family, Love, or Emotions

Upright The woman on this card wears a butterfly in her hair and holds a lovely, large heart in her hands. For a woman, this card upright could be a reflection of your own state of peaceful emotion and receptivity for love, or it might be a message that your family issues are going to resolve. You’re an intuitive woman who understands the emotions of life, and you’re bringing that awareness to all that you do. This card upright could also indicate the presence of a female friend, teacher, or confidant who is here to help with issues of love, family, or emotion. This is an even-tempered and caring person who resonates with you and your emotions. This could also portend a new love interest or friend coming your way.

AFFIRMATION: I am emotionally calm and peaceful, and I attract healthy and stable people to me.

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