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Reiki for Separation Anxiety

On a recent trip away I had another awesome and inspiring experience, related to Reiki and pet care.

We have two adorable, lovely, very human-dependent kitties at home: sweet 'n sassy, softest-ever Shade; and paranoid, but fiercely-loving (formerly feral) Freddie (with thumbs!).

Last year we lost their older 'brother' Simon, whom they'd both lived with their entire lives. He was definitely the most social of the bunch, and a best buddy to Freddie.

Since Simon's passing we've taken some short trips, but in November we were going on the longest, by-far, leaving these two alone. We have a kitty sitter, but neither Shade nor Freddie is interested in visiting with her - she rarely even sees them. (So by human-dependent I really mean just 'us'-dependent. Simon loved everyone, but Shade is aloof and hides from most guests, while, with his feral history, Freddie has only been seen by a handful of other people his whole life.)

On our shorter trips both kitties seemed to be having difficulty with our absence. Shade has allergies that act up with stress, and lead to her having loose stools. Freddie eats inconsistently which has led to him throwing up semi-regularly, often multiple times over an absence of just a couple/few days.

As we got closer to our departure in November I found myself getting anxious about leaving them for so long, knowing how other trips affected them this year. The swirl of "what if's" grew as our departure approached and I realized how much my nervousness was affecting me.

Answer: Reiki!

Both kitties already often receive mini-Reiki sessions at cuddle times, so I figured out how to add Distant Reiki to continue that routine. On prior trips I had sent Distant Reiki to the house and their general well-being, but I hadn't created any focused method for connecting with their energy.

Knowing my plan, my concerns softened over the last few days before leaving - so in that aspect the trust of Reiki reduced my own pre-separation anxieties. Then, each morning &/or evening of the trip I would go into a Distant Reiki session of cuddles, and pets, and energy-sending/-bonding to recreate the time we would usually get in person. It was very soothing for me, and swaddled up any fears or nerves that I have commonly felt in the past, at those times when I would focus on being away from them, and wondering how they're doing without us.

Lastly, things went so well at the house! I was already 'sold' on the power of transformation for my own well-being, but the kitties definitely felt it too. Shade had *no* soft stools the entire trip, which is literally unheard of, and Freddie only threw up once, a hairball, many days into the trip! They ate well, but didn't over-indulge from the abnormal feeding schedule. It was so marvelous and powerful to once again witness, and feel, the power of energetic connections that surpass space & time.

Once again, the wonder of Reiki is an ever-unfolding gift.

P.S.: My finger cut from the last post healed incredibly quickly & painlessly! By far the quickest recovery from a kitchen knife cut I've experienced. Lovely!

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