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Reiki for Tomatoes!! (?!?)

I've told many people in passing how my tomatoes love Reiki, and it seems to generate a lot of interest, so I thought I'd share for my blog:

Several months ago I got a tomato plant from a dear friend & Master Gardener. At the time it was about 2 1/2 feet tall, with a few green tomato clusters starting and a handful of flowers. I joked to her that I hoped it could keep it alive!

(My prior botanical resume tilted more toward foreshadowing than humor...)

...but, in the time since my last plant-mothering attempt I'd read a lot about intention, love, and energy's affects on nature and plant-life. I kept that in mind and crossed my fingers.

Given my history the first week was still sprinkled with doubt: both from my lack of knowledge and with the awareness of my history. I started watching my expectation of failure, and my thoughts, stepping back from them and allowing in the love and trust that Reiki practice has taught me.

I would do meditation on my deck near the tomatoes, often coupled with self-treatment or distance Reiki practices, and started adding time to my practice to send Reiki energy toward the tomato plant. I began growing my self-confidence as I grew my tomatoes, replacing any doubts with the intention of love and life for these tomatoes and for the surrounding nature and creatures, all in balance.

- I've also added a mindful pruning practice as a very centering, grounding, and energetically-connecting exercise that I enjoy immensely.

Today she is a foot taller than me, bursting with fruit, and a wonderful reminder about expectation, transformation, and life:

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1 Comment

Love, intention... a great gardening story.

Your interpretation of The Five Precepts of Reiki:

- Just for Today, I will Live in Love

- Just for Today, I will Live in Trust

- Just for Today, I will Live in Gratitude

- Just for Today, I will Live My Purpose

- Just for Today, I will show Kindness to All Things... :)

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