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Reiki Magic Amidst Defenses

This post is for my 06/11/21 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Getting ready today I was feeling a strong pull toward plants: plant energies, nature, growth support. I started the session taking in some of these energies, sharing Reiki with them as well, and stood in the light rain for a bit, to really connect into Nature and share back with her as well.

I heard "Reiki Magic" a few times when connecting with nature, our energies, and the altar.

Settling fully into energetic rapport with the group, and making individual connections, I wanted to draw an early card for further session guidance: a surprising result from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck came, #26 HOSTILITIES: Defenses Up, Aggressive Energy. (full card description below) I took in some extra awareness of what these energies might mean or need, and asked for Reiki's guidance and flow to help all connected find strength and resilience. While also allowing compassion and kindness for those who bring us hardship, as well as for ourselves, for any reactions or steadiness needed.

Because of the card I started body focus today at the Root Chakra. Noticing the energy here quickly brought on local throbbing and the full-body vibrations of a racing heart. I circled back to the plant energies, and connecting down into Mother Earth for grounding support. The left thigh clamped, asserted. The forward motion of putting our foot down and really trusting ourselves. Energy to stand tall and firm, secure in our needs, making our point and being totally comfortable sticking to it (for our good and those we care for). A mothering protective vibe to it.

From here, some of the energies moved up into the Heart and Throat - effervescent - a desire to drift and float off into comfortable spiritual distractions, so I looped and floated that energy back down to connect into Root security and strength. It spread out in a blanket-like liquid web of interconnected waves of support and fresh energy.

The Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras both felt mild; a little muted. They were assessing and connecting to the web energies, and started opening into blossoms with this connection.

With attention the Heart started racing again, creating a wide band of tension across the back of the ribs. I felt the Reiki energy come in like clouds to the lung-space, gently cushioning the ribs. Letting the breath of energy fluff, buoy and loosen the tightness.

It opened nicely into relaxation but I felt called to continue to hold the Reiki energy here, flowing freely all around for a while longer. The energy built and spread in an iridescent bubble, like an airbag of support to stay in and hold this space, for moving forward.

The Throat-space was within this expansive bubble, enjoying the swirling flow, and didn't send any additional signals, so I moved onto the 3rd Eye.

Attention at the 3rd Eye brought the image of a deep blue jutting blade, dropping in swiftly - a very tall & thin cross-like image seen with it's handle-guards pointing out. It brought a sharp pain at the back right shoulder blade: pinpoint stabbing. Going back to the Heart-energy bubble this sensation went quickly, but there remained a feeling of confusion and uncertainty, perhaps specific to spiritual guidance right now. I held Reiki with attention at both the 3rd Eye and the Heart-bubble together, letting a flow and connection grow to keep releasing. It needed some extra Reiki breathwork to fully loosen and let those emotions go. Shivery new energy came in and felt like it was lifting the whole body up.

After a few minutes I followed this upward momentum to center my attention at the Crown. It appeared like a flat portal with a pillar of fire: white flames with orange tips. It felt to indicate a close connection - a jump forward - into stellar and cosmic connections right now. A dark and gorgeous universe of stars and galactic designs just right above the flames.

-If this speaks to you perhaps let yourself ask what spiritual leap forward is calling, and go for it!

This was a beautiful calming conclusion to the session, with things feeling total and complete!

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Defenses Up, Aggressive Energy


This card shows a man raising his sword in readiness to do battle. When it comes upright, it reveals a situation where hostilities toward you are about to be - or have already been - engaged.

The aggressive energy may be verbal or emotional, with someone in your environment being excessively critical, demanding, or hurtful. In work or social situation, there may be backstabbing or out-and-out slander going on.

This is different from the Deceit card because the hostile energies are more apparent, more overt. In fact, you may have been living with them for some time. But whether this is new or old energy, now is the time to regain control. Allowing dishonoring treatment from others is an open invitation to the Universe to send you more. It may feel risky, but you need to have the courage to stand up for yourself now and always.

AFFIRMATION: I am receiving the peaceful, harmonious treatment I deserve in my life. I set boundaries, make reasonable requests, and make my expectations clear.

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