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Releasing Urgencies

This post is for my 01/21/22 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

An extra guidance today: Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to fully open to the Reiki, as you settle in to read these session notes.

In preparations there was a sense of impatience. A feeling that as we’re moving slower in this down-time of year, our fewer tasks are getting that much more focus… holding our attention. With this is coming a more urgent desire for results. Have faith changes are happening… much is percolating… and let the breath be a guide into peace among stillness.

I also felt a drive to tune into frequency and vibration with today’s session, so I started with a tuning of tones for each chakra. The energy here was very strong at the Heart, and even with other areas of focus, many tones tied back into the Heart.

Given that, after completion, I applied copaiba essential oil at the inner wrists and inner elbows, and held at the Heart for a long time. Letting vibrations flow through and out from there. There was a point where the energy moved out, and held about 2 inches above the Heart. A sense of holding back on emotion, or vulnerability, and preventing this area from fully opening and flowing. Looking deeper, there was much strain and exhaustion in this holding action. Though likely subconscious, a sharing that this holding back in our emotional or mental energies is just as taxing as physically holding our arm out… it is a huge drain. But, unlike the effects on a muscle, we can often become accustomed to this effort (based on a past belief or choice that the alternative is worse for us) and don’t realize how much it is steadily affecting our energy on every level.

Moving into a body scan I first felt an ache at the cheeks. This seemed multifaceted: initially as a strain from smiling, perhaps as an ingenuine emotion; then an indicator of sinus drainage; and lastly focused on points of the stomach meridian, which starts on the cheekbone edge under each eye, and is a holding space for worry. I tapped these points for clearing along with the Reiki flow.

Widening outward I was overwhelmed by a barrage of overlapping symptoms all throughout the body, which took my breath away. So many flashes it was incomprehensible. In one reactive breath the trust of Reiki attended to them all. The reminder that while we may have many things we’re asking for assistance with/on, that Reiki knows all – and while it may guide my intuition for some areas, it’s wisdom and power far exceeds my own, and it does exactly what is needed in these sessions. It became like a pod of light for the whole body.

I continued the scan for my personal awareness and was next drawn to the kidneys, which felt out of balance. The left kidney was heavy, while the right felt thin and twisted sideways. This brought an aching connection to the deep, lower Heart.

Widening to the enduring light pod, I then noticed some strain from the knees down, most potent at the shins and front ankles. This appeared like grasshopper legs, and tied into a sense of strain on forward momentum… or jumping ahead. It reminded me of the sense of eagerness to move forward that was apparent in my session preparations.

I once again felt toning was an important part of our healing at this time, and closed with another round of chakra tuning. I then drew a card from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, requesting guidance for the coming week. We received #26 HOSTILITIES, reversed (image and full description below). So interesting, because the group quite recently received the same card – also inverted. Recalling that session, this card came up for the New Year, specifically in request for guidance in the coming month. What a wonderful confirmation – as apparently this is the week for that knowledge! Additionally the reminder, “it may seem on the surface that things are slow in getting better” further exudes the energies of today’s session, with the encouragement that vibrations are changing!!

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Defenses Up, Aggressive Energy


This card reversed marks the end of hostilities for you. There’s a shift in the energies around you and even about you, and the Universe is supporting your own internal shift as well. Whether the aggressive action has ended due to external factors or your own intervention, this card bodes well for more peace and harmony.

Be aware, however, that there may still be some action you have to take - and it may seem on the surface that things are slow in getting better. This card encourages you, letting you know that the inner vibrations are changing, and the situation will be resolved.

AFFIRMATION: I am receiving the peaceful, harmonious treatment I deserve in my life. I set boundaries, make reasonable requests, and make my expectations clear.

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