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Rooting for the Throat

This post is for my 10/20/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

Upon connection today I was called into clearing.

Sometimes we simply welcome Reiki and all the pieces fall together without additional thought. Sometimes we open to Reiki and notice it flowing freely, filling and transforming within. Sometimes we open and invite connection with Reiki while working on moving, clearing, releasing in tandem. And sometimes, like today, before fully opening to Reiki we are called to first let something go – to get our affairs in order, so to say. We may have some resistance, conscious or unconscious, calling for attention before the free flow of Reiki is truly welcomed.

There was a hiccup today when inviting clearing for the group, which may be why this needed to come first. A hesitation; a call to preparation. For some it felt like a need for privacy, perhaps wanting to be alone and secure and safe. For others a move toward ‘housekeeping’ something extra to do, to finalize, to move past, before truly relaxing to let go.

After setting up our altar, yet before starting the session, I was inspired to grab an engraved Selenite disc to accompany me for the session. Now I was called to hold the disc. I first placed it at the Throat while placing my hands on the Heart and Solar Plexus. While there was a calling from the Throat it felt less about external expression and more about our internal hold ups and self-talk. Or perhaps less about verbal communication and more about finding the way to align our actions into truly representing what we want to express.

After some time I moved the disc down to the Root, with both hands supporting the Root as well. After a bit a the Root I felt energies coming into flow and balancing the Solar Plexus back of the Heart chakra,

Now feeling that the initial hesitation and clearing were addressed I moved into integration. The filling up. Some questions came, “What’s supportive; what’s helpful; what’s healthful?” And a few times “What’s New?" What is new and enlivening and enlightening?

Back to focus at the Root. Seeing deep, deep almost-black red. Then spread locust wings, chittering. While the connotation is usually evil or destructive, this didn’t feel as such… more of a force to clear away and refresh, start new. An offering to imagine and then take another go at something. As this message came through I felt a reflection of the wings imagery into the lungs and breasts, and the back of the lungs.

From this I was moved to transfer my attention to the back body for a while. There was a whole rainbow of colors and energies flowing through the body and out the back, then disappearing into a black hole. The dark side of the moon. Sucking away to invisibility.

The was a vision of a silhouetted human standing on an elevated wall or beam, traversing while “getting above” and balancing to move forward.

There was still a mystery here, so I moved to a card draw for some clarification and guidance. From Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck we received #39 FIFTH CHAKRA, ARCHANGEL GABRIEL inverted (image and full card description below).

I called in Archangel Gabriel and envisioned him standing behind our energy bodies. He placed a hand at the back, in the center of the clavicles. I held and flowed with his energies slowly noticing them disbursing and spreading outward from his hand into the whole aura. It became clear that this opened the the connection and flow to upper chakras- until then I hadn’t been full conscious of how significantly this connection was blocked. I began to feel extra sensation growing from this reconnection at both kidneys and both wrists as well.

Moving to a wider lens I recapped the process of the session and felt it had been largely about trusting our safety and reviewing our internal dialog. A restoration of self-realized expression, or a softening of our internal criticisms and doubts.

I held both hands at the Throat, one front and one back, then let the Reiki flow. I sensed it cycling through the arms, in and around, like an infinity connection. I switched hands and resumed. This connection was now fully flowing, both giving and receiving, ready to burst forth in life. I did a final cleansing and closing sweep and disconnected with the intention to allow these energies to offer all exactly what they need, for as long as possible.

After disconnecting, but in preparing my notes, I felt another nudge to ‘housekeeping’. Last time, and again now, I heard the expression, “getting your ducks in a row”. The repetition made it feel important to include. It seemed a request to reflect on this session and the progress made. What did you intend? What did you ask for? And, now, “What’s next?” Let this move and enliven you as you’re called, because you’ve been prompted to look at what final step or steps will fully integrate and realize the healing or information you requested.

As always, peace and blessings to all. Please donate if you’re able, as these sessions are made possible by the kind support of readers like you.

Today's Card

all from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


ARCHANGEL GABRIEL Self-Expression, and Speaking Your Truth


This card reversed often indicates significant blocks in the throat center. Something in your history may have caused you to shut down, but it’s important now to break through that unhealthy pattern. Or you may currently be in a situation where the sharing of your ideas, opinions, or feelings is being thwarted. In addition to the fear of self-expression, this card reversed could indicate physical throat problems – as all of the chakra cards reversed may signal difficulties in that area of the body. The physical trouble may be connected to the blocked energy in that chakra, so it’s all the more important to work on clearing the energy in the center involved. To clear the throat chakra, call upon Gabriel and meditate on his power blasting through any blocks. See your throat center spinning in a beautiful blue light. Muster up the courage to speak your truth to yourself and to those around you. It’s time to let go of any old fear of confrontation – and stand up for yourself from now on.

Affirmation My throat chakra is open to its perfect, healthy state, spinning with the beautiful energy of freedom and self-empowerment. I am free to express myself in every way.

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