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Seeing the Mountain Above the Clouds

This post is for my 05/26/23 Group Distance Reiki Session. If you are reading this at any time please know the energy and message, as it resonates, is perfect for you.

In setup I applied frankincense essential oil to the chest and had a feeling today was largely about Trust. (Though isn’t every day?)

Settling in I felt a strong presence of monkey mind. Tuning in more it persisted and became clear it was an element of the session. While usually tuning into a group brings a central energetic focus based on collective consciousness, with bits tuning into individuals, today’s collective seemed at war. Not only a sense of chaos and frantic energies, but even a defined burden of conflict overwhelming any joining awareness.

Amidst this I heard “Devotion”.

As I stepped back to observe my sense of bodily presence grew, and this discord all energetically centered on the head. A truly powerful battle of energies that seemed to engulf all, yet were merely displacing the body temporarily. For an extended time I held Reiki, just watching.


A horizon of teal light emerged and pulled everything away, finally bringing calmness.

Amid an absence of sensations and seeing fog turning into walking through the clouds, up a mountain, eventually passing through those hazy layers to greet the sun. The head became muted. Fleeting and quieted conversations still emerging, but without the emotional thunder or persistence.

Archangel Uriel came in to assist with Divine guidance and spiritual connection. Further softening the fluster of mind energies to allow the soft voice of higher consciousness and inspiration. An opaline light glowed around the Crown chakra and once again brought in the mountain imagery… this time from afar, the giant opal sun shone down on the mountain-head and dissolved the encircling clouds of surrounding energetic distractions.

With peace and surrenity* in abundance now with the headspace and upper chakras, I moved down the body. (*A typo of serenity, which stood out and was kept, as it speaks to surrender in serenity!)

I found the neck felt like jelly. Flexible, and excessively mobile – like a bobblehead! – yet to a point where it felt a little concerningly unstable. I found myself going with the flow of movement here, feeling out which angles and directions were looking for attunement.

There was some weakness and tingling with the right bicep, but also a centering stability in the seat. A strong, well-grounded anchoring.

Moving outward and asking if anything else was requesting attention I saw the dusting sands of a level, windswept desert. Vibrant clear blue sky above golden shifting sands, and a glowing ruddy horizon light. Feeling complete I swept the aura and sealed a Reiki presence, requesting it continue to integrate and inspire for all participants.

Our card draw for guidance in the coming weeks, from Sandra Anne Taylor’s “Energy Oracle Cards” deck, was #13 FINANCIAL CONSTRAINTS, inverted (image and full description below). It feels to portend an end to restrictions and fears… that may not be related to money for all. Going back into Trust, if you feel this doesn’t apply to you, step back and open your mind to wonderful and unexpected possibilities. Allow a few moments to daydream and invent a perfect scenario for your coming weeks, and see if you can smile at the “what ifs” that an unforseen change of wind may bring. When worry or fear strikes see if you can take a leap to imagine a good alternative, to balance the concerns of our natural human inclination to foresee negative outcomes.

Blessings to all, and may you feel peace.

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Today's Card

from Sandra Anne Taylor's "Energy Oracle Cards" deck


Restrictions Concerning Money


This card reversed portends an increase in the money about to come your way. The previous constrictions have broken open, and there’s a greater flow of money and other things. As more funds come in, you’ll find that you have the freedom to take more risks and spend without the previous extreme precautions. The river of abundance is starting to flow your way, but don’t be too cavalier. Always bring your consciousness to this and every aspect of your life.

AFFIRMATION: I can move through any cycle with dignity and awareness. I am open to receiving increasing wealth. Money moves to and through my life, bringing benefits to all.

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